Graced. Poem. Scott Hastie (Audio Video Mathew Toffollo)


Graced with the chance to be here,

Even if only fleetingly,

Embrace whatever comes your way

And, in so doing,

However enchanting

Any treasures you uncover

Might be,

Their loss should never be your concern.
In this matter

Make your heart your queen

And follow her as faithfully

And bravely as you are able,

Just as swelling fruit

Hurries towards its own sweetness,

Shine whilst you can,

Without fear,

For nothing is as inevitable

As it seems here.

No, not even the fissures

Of loss and decay

We are oft led to expect

In this temporal world.
For whilst we fuss and fudge

The lines we are given,

Above, below and all around us,

Lingers the energy of countless others

Who already know for sure

That, just as it was long, long ago,

When they first found themselves


So it is for them, again and again…

And now with only a dark empty hollow,

A feeble space of earth left in between.
Such is true joy’s absolute certainty,

Its slow lit fuse that burns holes

In the shabby shroud of death forever.

Scott Hastie Poet
Scott Hastie is a successful British born poet and writer, who has been has been commercially published in the UK for over twenty years now. He currently has seven titles in print, including a novel and three collections of poetry. In recent years, the spiritual tone in his maturing poetic voice is starting to draw increasing acclaim from a worldwide audience, especially in the U.S. India & the Middle East.
Scheduled for global release, in both e & print editions this September, Angel Voices which includes featured poem ‘Graced” is by far his most substantial collection of poetry to date, featuring over 40 brand new poems never before seen, either in print or on the net. This title builds much more on the mature poetic voice that first began to emerge in Scott’s previous title Meditations and also features ALL readers recent favourites, as showcased on his popular website. For much more info, some spectacular advance reviews for Angel Voices , , as well as pre-pub order options , also go to
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Anxious Words. Poem. Dane Cobain

Remain calm,

I’m a marketing professional –

I am not a follower but a leader,

an influencer who tells you what to buy

and when to buy it.

Are you buying this?
I have no idea how my career came to this,

I was going to be a rockstar or a Great Writer

but if I’m honest,

it’s easier to get a job than a book deal.
Please remain calm,

we are all of us anxiety-ridden

and we deal with disorders in our own special ways,

only I can’t remember where my lighter is.
Anxiety is neither a disorder nor a state of mind,

it is a natural response to the world around us –

if you ain’t scared sometimes

then there’s reason to be worried;

your secondary school education was a scam,

purely controlled exposure to stress and prejudice

‘cause the school of hard knocks is a real place baby

inside our heads, inside our hearts,

inside our minds.
Millions of years of deterministic natural selection

coupled with the sexual behaviours of the human female

and the one bad gene passed down through generations

have all come to this, this world, this life,

these living legends trapped on the dole

trying to monetise art through nice online communities

but let me tell you this my friend,

you can’t crowdsource a cure for cancer

and your country’s budget is wasted on the arms race,

why don’tcha blow a few heads off before the banks collapse?
These anxious words are a unique celebration

never before seen in the annals of human existence,

just words that any man could write

and so why shouldn’t I?

Every soul on earth is complicit

and this indictment brings shame on us all –

we are killing the planet through our sheer stupidity,

we are destroying our most precious resources

just to watch them burn;

when the world reaches its eventual destruction,

who, then, will lead the applause?


Author Bio:
Dane Cobain (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK) is an independent poet, musician and storyteller with a passion for language and learning. When he’s not in front of a screen writing stories and poetry, he can be found working on his book review blog or developing his website,
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A Little Wisdom. Audio Video Poem by Robin Marchesi

Robin Marchesi, born in 1951, began writing in his teens, much to the consternation of his mother, the sister of Eric Hobsbawm, the historian.

In 1992 Cosmic Books published his first book entitled “A B C Quest”.

In 1996 March Hare Press published “Kyoto Garden” and in 1999 “My Heart is As…”

ClockTowerBooks published his Poetic Novella, “A Small Journal of Heroin Addiction”, digitally, in 2000.

Charta Books published his latest work entitled “Poet of the Building Site”, about his time working with Barry Flanagan the Sculptor of Hares, in association with the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

He is presently working on an upcoming novel entitled “A Story Made of Stone.”

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Black Dog. Poem. Richard Lloyd Cederberg


This black dog follows me-
Passing as a shadow
Amongst shadows
For when I am
Particularly vulnerable,
Incisors snap rhythmically;
Primal blood-hunger seeking
Satisfaction in its quest to
Find the easiest part of
Me to tear into
“Its cunning
Is wolf cunning,”
(London wrote) and
There is nothing I can do
To appease the brooding
As it lies in wait
For strength to falter,
Or for a cessation of defenses,
Or for weary eyes (fixed on surviving)
To lose their joyful glimmering
This black dog follows me-
Passing as a shadow
Amongst shadows,
Watching doggedly
For an open window,
Or some doorway,
To allow it ease of entry



August 2007 Richard was nominated for a 2008 PUSHCART PRIZE. Richard was awarded 2007 BEST NEW FICTION at CST for his first three novels and also 2006 WRITER OF THE YEAR … Richard has been a featured Poet on Poetry Life and Times Aug/Sept 2008, Jan 2013, Aug 2013, and Oct 2013 and has been published in varied anthologies, compendiums, and e-zines. Richard’s literary work is currently in over 35,000 data bases and outlets. Richard’s novels include: A Monumental Journey… In Search of the First Tribe… The Underground River… Beyond Understanding. A new novel, Between the Cracks, was completed March 2014 and will be available summer 2014.

Richard has been privileged to travel extensively throughout the USA, the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan in Canada, the Yukon Territories, Kodiak Island, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, Petersburg, Glacier Bay, in Alaska, the Azorean Archipelagoes, and throughout Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Holland… Richard and his wife, Michele, have been avid adventurers and, when time permits, still enjoy exploring the Laguna Mountains, the Cuyamaca Mountains, the High Deserts in Southern California, the Eastern Sierra’s, the Dixie National Forest, the Northern California and Southern Oregon coastlines, and the “Four Corners” region of the United States.

Richard designed, constructed, and operated a MIDI Digital Recording Studio – TAYLOR and GRACE – from 1995 – 2002. For seven years he diligently fulfilled his own musical visions and those of others. Richard personally composed, and multi-track recorded, over 500 compositions during this time and has two completed CD’s to his personal credit: WHAT LOVE HAS DONE and THE PATH. Both albums were mixed and mastered by Steve Wetherbee, founder of Golden Track Studios in San Diego, California.

Richard retired from music after performing professionally for fifteen years and seven years of recording studio explorations. He works, now, at one of San Diego’s premier historical sites, as a Superintendent. Richard is also a carpenter and a collector of classic books, and books long out of print.

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For My Son. Poem. Charles Bane, Jr. Spanish translation by Sacramento Roselló and Marcela Tietjen


I will not waiver or protest
that the wait is hard to bear;
The parent-to-be is patient
for the child he cannot see, knowing
that eternity is rounding unknown
seas to fishing nets. My
beloved, I wait. I stand upon
the beach, my arms are wide, you
must swim to the sound of me
and lights undreamed. We shall be
coins of sides alike and sleep together
in the shade. You are the growing
length of me that lays
upon a floor of leaves
and says, there is no end to light
or closing of the day. There are only
clarions that pierce the dark
with mirror songs like these.

Para mi hijo

No renunciaré ni me quejaré
de que la espera es difícil de soportar;
El futuro padre es paciente
ante el hijo que no puede ver, sabiendo
que la eternidad rodea de
mares desconocidos las redes. Querido
mío, yo espero. Estoy de pie
en la playa, mis brazos extendidos,
debes nadar hacia el sonido que emito
y hacia las luces inimaginadas. Seremos
como monedas de caras similares y dormiremos juntos
en la sombra. Tú eres una extensión creciente de mi
que yace
en una manta de hojas
y dice, no hay fin para la luz
ni se acaba el día. Hay solo clarines
que penetran la oscuridad
con canciones especulares.

Spanish translation by Sacramento Roselló and Marcela Tietjen

Photo: Charles Bane Jr. with his son. Credit: Capehart Studio
Charles Bane & Son

Charles Bane, Jr. is the author of The Chapbook ( Curbside Splendor, 2011) and Love Poems ( Aldrich Press, 2014). The Huffington Post described his work as “not only standing on the shoulders of giants, but shrinking them.” A contributor to The Gutenberg Project, he is a current nominee as Poet Laureate of Florida.


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