Janet Kuypers’ baseball poems read outdoors in front of Wrigley Field 4/26/15 in Chicago’s “Poetry Bomb

See YouTube video of the Janet Kuypers 4/26/15 selected readings for Bases Loaded just outside Wrigley Field at the 2015 Poetry Bomb in Chicago (filmed with a Canon Power Shot), of poems relating to baseball See YouTube video of Janet Kuypers reading her poem Entire Town’s Baseball Team outdoors 4/26/15 at Chicago’s 2015 Poetry Bomb … Read more

The Sonnet Project. Sonnet 29

“In disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes,” a reincarnated Bard finds inspiration outside the Old Town Bar at Union Square, Manhattan.John Hayden directed this film for The Sonnet Project. Tom Degnan is the lead actor.   The background information on the sonnet’s page at the website includes this interesting tidbit:   The feeling of uselessness, … Read more