Arrival of the Dreaded Body Snatchers by Dandelion Del La Rue

alice in wonderland Arrival of the Dreaded Body Snatchers by Dandelion Del La Rue

Arrival of the Dreaded Body Snatchers

The Body Snatchers
Have arrived
And won. I see around me
Countless plants
In human guise,
Giant philodendrons
Everywhere, attached to
Little boxes
Little brain supports
Staring into
What would Alice say?
Boringer and boringer

What if Alice
Had an ipad
Instead of a boring book
With no pictures
Or conversations.
She wouldn’t have seen
The rabbit
Or fallen down the
Rabbit hole
Or drank from the drink me bottle
Or nibbled on the
Magic mushroom.
She might have
Thought, the roses were really red.
Wikipedia would have said so,
And she wouldn’t have
Noticed the cards
Running to and fro
With sloshing buckets
Of crimson paint.
She wouldn’t have heard
The wisdom falling from the
grinning lips of Cheshire cats
And caterpillars.
And Dorothy, of course,
Could have googled maps
And got to Kansas by the
Shortest superhighway.
She never would have
Met the scarecrow, or the
Lion, or heard
The munchkins sing.
She wouldn’t know
That she could melt a witch
Or dance on yellow brick roads.
She never would
Have stopped to smell
The poppies.

I’d rather be
An old human
Than a young
I’m glad that I was young
Before the body snatchers


Mary Gauthier Singer Songwriter Videos

mary gauthier videos 300x184 Mary Gauthier Singer Songwriter Videos

Mary’s Website Her Workshops for Songwriters
Here’s the standard Wiki thing:
Gauthier was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Born to a mother she never knew and left in St Vincent’s Women and Infants Asylum, Gauthier was adopted when she was a year old by an Italian Catholic couple from Thibodaux, Louisiana.[1] At age 15, she ran away from home, and spent the next several years in drug rehabilitation, halfway houses, and living with friends; she spent her 18th birthday in a jail cell.[2] Struggling to deal with being adopted, she used drugs and alcohol.[2] These experiences provided fodder for her songwriting later on.
Her short stories have been published in several books and magazines, including the book Amplified, released by Random House
Mary Gauthier’s Americana has become a staple. Fish swim, birds, fly, she sings……Welcome to our little world where we think Mary Gauthier is more than worth it, she’s a great voice in our wilderness.


Noris Roberts Videos

Noris Roberts Noris Roberts VideosPeace Ambassador 1 Noris Roberts Videos

photo Noris Roberts Videos

Noris Roberts

Noris Roberts is a Venezuelan Poet. Born in the city of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
She received a Ph.D. in Commercial Law at the Universidad Santa Maria, in Caracas. For her work on for international relations and human sciences, culture and for increasing relations amongst people worldwide, she was received two appointments, representing Venezuela:
1 .- Universal Ambassador of Peace
2 .- Universal Love Ambassador

Noris is currently working a project on YouTube as Ambassador of Peace.
We are proud to represent Noris at Artvilla and as our ambassador for peace also.
In this project, her poems are read by people from any country and in any language.

We will be presenting her poems as she shares them with us.



Abstracta Ukulele a Catfish Horror Movie

Catfish Horror

Abstracta and Uku and Lele
are separated from the group and
captured by the aliens.
In this scene they survey,
and consider
what it is
the aliens are

Catfish in tank video, song, recording and production by David Michael Jackson. No fish were harmed in the filming of this video. One fish was, however, eaten. Abstracta Ukulele recorded at Artvilla Studios.
catfish 300x209 Abstracta Ukulele a Catfish Horror Movie