Squirrels and Hiding Places

squirrel poem

“Sciuridae” by Chicoutimi (montage)KarakalAndiWNational Park Serviceen:User:Markus KrötzschThe Lilac Breasted RollerNico Conradie from Centurion, South AfricaHans HillewaertSylvouilleNational Park Service – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sciuridae.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Sciuridae.jpg


So David


“Here you can have the art, I’m giving it you.”
“Is it framed?”
Ergo says the artist,
“The value of the art is
the value of the frame,
the question being
is it worth framing?”

so David
buy a frame
and burn the art
and leave some value

david michael jackson


Ol’ River Stomp | Drew Clayton | Video and Lyrics

Song by Drew Clayton

Lyrics by John Eagle

Mastered by Edro

Video by David Michael Jackson

Old River Stomp 2014 Artvilla.com/The Orchard

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Ole River Stomp

Ole River is quiet
Early Saturday morn
The mist is rising
At the break of dawn
With the sounds of the cypress
Whispering in the wind
And the rippling waters
Well, it sounds like a church hymn

The fires are banked high
Like flickering lamps
The morning rite
Begins on another day
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Plays on the radio
The frogs are burping
In the Ole River way

It’s an Ole River morning
The very best kind
The water is waiting
The perch are on the rise

There’s Uncle Joe
He’s the captain of the ship
He wields his jiggin’ pole
Like a buggy whip
His cork disappears
Like acorns in a well
Here’s another fish
And a story to tell

The ice box is filled
Mounting with perch
On Sunday morning
We’ll be singing in church
Night descends
On the Ole River shores
With sounds of frying fish
And slamming screen doors

It’s an Ole River morning
The very best kind
The water is waiting
The perch are on the rise
You can’t never tell
When we’ll be back again
But you can just bet
We will see you then





Schmutt the Dog Painting For Sale

dog paintings for sale

Schmutt the Dog 16 x 20 inches oil on linen

We have decided to sell art again at Artvilla.

2014 David Michael Jackson
Schmutt the dog. 1990-2006
Contact artist at dave@artvilla.com
$250 plus $25 s. h