Acid Love. 3 Poems. Zayra Yves.



Acid Love

The taste of you on my tongue
is caustic.

You think I won’t survive.

But you don’t know about flowers
that grow from a sardonic earth:

African Violet, Azalea,
Amaryllis and lovely Gardenia.

I have blossomed through
droughts and hell.

It’s your turn to fight
against dying.


I Made the Mistake of Loving a God

I made the mistake of loving a God
who appeared stronger than stone.

His skin crumbled in my hands
and I found only the beginning of sorrow
in the broken ruins of our passion.

I discovered a heart made of clay
can be shaped into love once more
but a fractured mind
may never be whole again.



A grain of sand is not a cliché
because no matter what we write,
we can’t grasp it
unless we compare our life to it,
then we feel the light
as it passes through that small space
which once belonged
to something greater than itself.


Zayra Yves Picture

Bio: Zayra’s creative writing is published in numerous print journals, anthologies, on-line e-zines and magazines: The Zimbabwe Situation, Panhandler Quarterly, Voices for Africa, Eyes of the Poet, Kreativ, Reflections IIT Madras (India), Edge Life Magazine, Poetry Life & Times, Astropoetica, Alehouse Press, 34th Parallel, Feeling is First, Memoir (and), Aquillrelle, The Enchanting Verses International Journal and The Cherry Muse.


She has appeared as a featured artist and/or guest speaker at: New Sun Celebration; CIIS California Institute of Integral Studies; on Ken Wilber’s Integral Naked (2006 & 2007);OneMindVillage; West Marin Community Radio; SW Radio Africa; North Western University Chicago; Zimvibes; Coolfire (UK); Women’s Radio Network; Perfectly Said; Mazungue Studio One; TWiN (UK); Genpo Roshi and Bill Harris’ Big Heart/Big Mind seminiar in LA; UltraFeel TV; UniVerse of Poetry; BlogTalk Radio, The Awareness Network and Today’s Revolutionary Women of Color.

Awards include:

In 2010 Zayra was the winning poet from the “An African Legend: White Lions and Leopards” contest 2010. She joined the conservation team at Tsau where the White Lions live in Timbavati, South Africa, as her prize, plus publication in the book.

In 2012 she received the World Poetry Empowered Poet 2012 award beside several other amazing International poets at the World Poetry Canada & International Peace Festival 2012.

In 2013 she received the “Woman of Goodwill Award 2013” and “Plaque of Appreciation” for her role as a Panelist at Pentasi B in the Philippines.

Her short story “Exit Ashes, Exit Blues, Exit This Life” won an honorable mention in Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope All Story contest.

Zayra’s fine art collection has appeared from 1998 to present at the following California locations: Dore Dore Gallery, San Mateo; Somar Gallery, San Francisco; UC Berkeley, San Francisco Campus; Body Harmony, San Francisco; Dana Street Cafe, Mountain View; Cafe Libro, Mountain View; Maitri Art Show & Auction, Embarcadero Center; Cad’s Coffee Shop, Los Osos; One World Cafe, San Francisco; The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles; The Artist’s Alley, San Francisco.

She has four audio collections:

1.) Crowned Compassion 2.) Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me 3.) Retrograde Motion 4.) Lanterns

In addition, she is the author of four books:

1.) Empty as Nirvana 2.) Ordinary Substance 3.) Color Me Pomegranate 4.) Leaving You Unpainted 5.) Floating in the Dark

You can purchase these collections directly on line or for more information send an email to:

Currently she is producing a new audio recording and a fine art collection.









The Skiff. Poem. Joe Ruggier



My skiff – with which no ships compare –

has weathered storms of Ocean:

in blackest night the beacon’s flare,

in steep commotion,


is but the one, consoling Sense,

the verse that shakes my Heart;

for Food the Ocean’s Providence

beneath the curb of Art!


Thou reddening Glow! Thou blood-red Core

upon the Wild neglected,

that ghastly Shadows casts ashore

by Time collected –


within the Flame upon the Wick

I dream that I behold

my Genius dance, my Fortune click

with cards of Gold!


Hail, holy Fire! through whate’er

perilous Seas – the Raft –

oh Thou! Thou burnest everywhere,

but not as daft


as Thou art faithful what Thou wilt!

I love the drift and sound:

Thou reachest but to Castles built

on solid Ground!


The Critic thought he haughtily steers

top-heavy, mighty Ships,

but with the Spirit interferes

from holstered hips!


Likewise the pious Rationalist

but clouds the faultless Feeling –

with Reasons fine as fog or mist –

that subtlest Reeling


which in my Heart of Hearts is burning!

Ah but my Life-raft’s light,

and the vast Ocean’s overturning

bury it quite


may never, and only upward bobbing,

throbs like my Adam’s apple,

and Vision brings the Joy of sobbing

and makes me grapple –


where in the Flames She smiles and dances,

her hair blown by the breeze,

where my Beloved counts the chances

and me strip tease!


Copyright © Joe M Ruggier 11th September 2000

portrait of Joe Ruggier executed by Vancouverite visual artist Virginia Quental (born in Brazil)

Joe M. Ruggier was born in Malta in 1956 and has written and published poetry in both Maltese and English.  He currently resides in Richmond, British Columbia, where he manages a small press, Multicultural Books.  Multicultural Books publishes poetry, poetry leaflets, sound recordings, fiction and literary fiction.

Joe Ruggier has sold over 20,000 books, many of them door-to-door, including over 10,000 books he wrote and published himself.  There are over 5,700 copies in print of his book Out of Blue Nothing.  Information on Joe M. Ruggier’s books, cassettes and poetry journal:

Intelligible Mystery (1985)
Out of Blue Nothing (1985) ISBN 0-9694933-0-4
The Voice of the Millions (1988)
In the Suburbs of Europe (1991)
Moods for Lovers (1993 ) Cassette
This Eternal Hubbub (1995)
regrets hopes regards and prayers … (1996)
Lady Vancouver (1997)
A Richer Blessing (1999 ) ISBN 0-9681948-3-4
The Poetry of George Borg Translated from the Maltese by Joe M. Ruggier (2000)
The Eclectic Muse, a poetry journal edited by Joe M. Ruggier

To order any of the above, please write or call first for availability and prices.  Please make checks payable to Joe Ruggier.

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Telephone:  (604) 277-3864


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The Eclectic Muse has published poets and writers from Canada, Malta, the United Kingdom, the United States, and elsewhere. The Eclectic Muse publishes poetry and prose of various styles, but always reflects the passion of its Managing Editor, the acclaimed poet, essayist and critic Joe M. Ruggier. Mr. Ruggier’s passion is for poetry that sings and moves, for poetry that embraces rather than denies or defies the traditions of English poetry. If you believe as he does–that there is a revival of traditional poetry, and that the world is better place for it–we think you’ll find The Eclectic Muse well worth the price of a subscription.