Emily Poems by Darren C Demaree


The light requires a climbing.
I don’t always want the light.
Most of the time I want Emily.


I am a terrible alcoholic.
I don’t drink anymore,
but I always kiss Emily

& she is still drinking
when she can. I know
the whole of the map

of my sobriety. I set it
on fire by loving Emily
more than I love myself.


I heard a bell. I named my daughter Belle.
I heard my father-in-law’s shame in the core
of my person, so I named my son after

my father-in-law. Emily, she is pregnant
again, so she is being very careful with what
she’s letting me read these days. My mother

says she owes me a steak dinner for getting
my tenth collection picked up. I think I’ll
change my name to meat. I’ll leave this

next child the pleasure of naming him/herself.
I don’t think I can handle much more
than loving this new world coming my way.


Darren C Demaree poems have appeared, or are scheduled to appear in numerous magazines/journals, including Diode, Meridian, New Letters, Diagram, and the Colorado Review.

He’s the author of six poetry collections, most recently “Many Full Hands Applauding Inelegantly” (2016, 8th House Publishing) and the Managing Editor of the Best of the Net Anthology and Ovenbird Poetry.

Currently living and writing in Columbus, Ohio with wife and children.

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Written in Chalk. A Poem by Judy Moskowitz

My life is written in chalk
no better or worse than yours
a driving rhythm caught me by surprise
taking me to places where
eighth notes swing free
horns cry and singers scat
and i could shed my skin
absorbing every sound and shade
through my pores and tribal wars
i cradle my life holding it close
knowing one day the rain will erase memories
my memorabilia may find its way
on the side of a road
a garage sale or hanging on a strangers wall
but if you call
i will answer

Judy started playing piano at the age of three, and studied at the Julliard School Of Music in New York City, her native city.
She became a jazz pianist and continues to play jazz. Now residing in Florida, she started writing poetry three years ago, and has been published in the Moonlight Dreamers Of The Yellow Haze anthology, Thepoetcommunity, Whispersinthewind, Indiana Voice Journal. Poetry runs deep in her veins along with Music.

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