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Randal A. Burd, Jr. is a teacher, freelance writer, poet, and family historian. He teaches English to grades 7-12 in a juvenile residential facility in Southeast Missouri. He previously taught Dual-Credit English through MSU and Freshman English for two years and spent four years at an alternative high school teaching English and Art while mentoring at-risk students. In 2012, he was elected Secretary of the Department of Missouri, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. Randal was President of the Ozark Patriots Chapter of Sons of the American Revolution from 2011-2012 and is Camp Commander of Sigel Camp #614 of SUVCW. He was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel in April 2013.

Randal published his first poetry chapbook, “Leaving Home,” in 2008. He received his BA in English cum laude with minors in Art, Psychology, and Writing from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and his Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Missouri. While enrolled at Missouri S&T, Randal was Editor-in-Chief of The Missouri Miner, the campus newspaper, from 2000-2002, and Editor-in-Chief of Southwinds Magazine, “Missouri S&T’s Only Literary Magazine,” from 1997-2001.

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Transitus Veneris. Poem. Audio. Howard D Moore.

Author Notes

Hear it read by the author- Soundcloud


the calculus of certainty

upon a rotational spin,

a speck in space and time

such vast circumstances

reduced to the precision of man-made clocks;

we see beyond sight

reckon beyond our reach, measure

vague ponderables–

reason is a lever, long enough

to heft the weight of time


and Venus


so few days apart after so many years in wait

love and loss, heart filled, heart empty

when life is a day glowing like the Sun

from rise to setting , to the spike of light

wisped away,  last hiss of a candle

pinched to blackness by the sea.

When you sit near stars that love us from afar

when you are Love, when I want you near

yet you are distant and the end of day

comes to clear the slate I have been given.

When you travel across the space of my heart

and life lifts away, into the space of

mysteries without solution

when you are yet Love, and I

am soon gone; 


and Vee-nus!


a name so old, it brings the face

of forgotten Gods, when

ruins were young, when an ancient word

finds new dark-skinned divinity, those curved stone

statues blush envy.

On pavement filled by busy feet in day,

quicker steps in neon red night and

Latin beats, rappin’- booty shakin’

blue jean seams stretched to the point

of sheeeeer delight!

When a smile is a deep invitation, ohhh so fine

in the haze of wine and smoky laughter

She is Love in store-bought hair, half a skirt

deep mascara stares and flirts, a stroll

that melts the Saint within man

and waist moves that mans-up the boy

Muse-ic makes the hips roll, waist

revolve- an orbit of bends and side- to- side  slides

a blouse that wears only part of her…

She is a certain kind of Love for few who dare

for every wish of  tropical air without cares

oblivion becomes  a thing far, far beyond

some hours, some sweet sweat,  heavy breaths,

and wanting…“Venus…Baby…”


“come cross the flo’ with me…”


New year 2012



Howard D.Moore resides in Detroit, MI., USA.  He is a writer and government relations  consultant. His professional, educational  background is in law and public policy. He writes poetry, political and social commentary blogs,  literary styles in fiction, poetry, prose,and Eastern forms . He has published two books of prose, and several magazine articles  and anthologies. His current projects include a novel, and a book of poetry expected in January, 2014.

Nothing moves so fast as your future becoming your past

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Sections of Seam. Poem.Laura Lamarca.Audio Kate-Taylor-Davies


Audioboo / Sections of Seam by Laura Lamarca.


She could remember those 8pm skies,
that slumbered with a tamarind tinge
and the rustling of rainfall
as it slid inside her pain.
Their expressions etched themselves
on musical scores, that they wept
on blank-paper pages and
candle-smoked hopes that she’d kept.

They were a lighter shade of lust,
following fantasies of a deeper thirst,
that went just like water
through the skin of their sighs…
but they’d blown baby kisses
through betrayal’s fresh scent,
while forever crawled inside cavities–
yet neither chose to repent.

They’d risen through varying odours
of oregano’s subtle hues,
whilst his roaming tabletops had turned
on red buses and lying dreams
and the screams of her silence
settled, to give her second sight…
when thoughts wandered to Her–
the queen of his night.

Envy engraved itself into her palms
shivering sorrow through shared regrets,
while her self-worthiness withered
to such a saddened state.
Yet fate flexed her fingers
within forgiveness’ flame,
whilst the need of their connection
plays a dangerous game.

She’s mistress of her own heart,
yet lets him breathe through her veins–
like TV addiction
and many smudges of soft.
She adores him…yet holds back
because she’s taught herself of

the fear of deceit’s discovery
and his inability to love.


About The Author

Laura Lamarca is a 39 year old widowed mother of three teenagers originally hailing from the northern county of Lancashire, but now residing on the South coast of England.

Laura is a professional poet and author of three books of poetry and one Chapbook to date, the latest book was released in December 2011 by titled “Donec Alius Diei”.

Laura Lamarca

Laura is also the creator of 18 globally recognized forms of formal poetry, these include “The Licentia Rhyme Form”, the “La`Tuin” and the L`Arora” forms. She has also recently created 3 more forms…these are the “Jordec Verse”, “La Dan Form” and a collaborated and highly technical form with Poet Jem Farmer titled the “LaJemme”.

In her spare time, she teaches the art of expression through the written word to pupils all over the world at no cost to them. She also writes hugely for charity and actively supports charities that raise awareness for cancer, third world plight, dolphins and gun and knife crime.
She has the belief that there is a brighter day for all, given the compassion and commitment of others…one voice can raise a thousand voices, a thousand voices can raise the whole world.  She is of the belief that ultimate truth does not exist, that everything is personal perspective and probable outcome.



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Infusoria.(The Voyage of the Beagle) poem. audio. Ian Irvine

Audioboo / Infusoria (poem).


Having swum in the ocean of stars

calling them Gods—their campfires, their monumental

sorrows, our bliss at a faith-conceived heaven—

we are driven back by heavy gales.


Few living creatures inhabit these broad

flat-bottomed valleys, abode of kingfishers

grass-hoppers, lizards—not much else

a ruined fort in a dull brown landscape.


Relief to find a small stream threading

clefts of rock, greening, here and there,

otherwise barren soil. Onwards then, to a flat plain

stunted acacias—until a flock of guinea fowl.


Anxious panorama of time: jagged cliffs,

lava-rock, distant mountains enveloped in

dark blue clouds. It’s coming: the storm

of the modern. The monkey likes bananas.


I’m collecting dust: the air is ion charged,

flashes of lightning, the will to see

the infusoria: African sunsets, the question

of microbes, my lens, my imperfect vision.


And then another island—fertile, volcanic

red cinder hills, everything slopes toward the

interior. But I will paddle the rock pools

notice: sea slugs, cuttle-fish all arms and suckers.


Having swum in the ocean of stars

we are driven back by heavy gales

It’s coming, the storm of the modern,

anxious panorama of time.


The air is ion charged.


Ian Irvine Photo

Ian Irvine is an Australian-based poet/lyricist, fiction writer and non-fiction writer. His work has featured in many Australian and international publications, including Fire (UK) ‘Anthology of 20th Century and Contemporary Poets,’ (2008) which contained the work of poets from over 60 nations.His work has also appeared in a number of Australian national poetry anthologies, and he is the author of three books and co-editor of many more (including Scintillae 2012, an anthology of work by over 50 Victorian and international writers and poets). He currently teaches writing and literature at Bendigo TAFE and Victoria University (Melbourne) and lives with fellow writer Sue King-Smith and their children on a 5 acre block near Bendigo, Australia.
Links related to his work are as follows:


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Beyond Me and You.Video.Poem.Robin Marchesi


Beyond You and Me

Beyond You and Me
Robin Marchesi, born in 1951, began writing in his teens, much to the consternation of his mother,

the sister of Eric Hobsbawm, the historian.

In 1992 Cosmic Books published his first book entitled  “A B C Quest”.

In 1996 March Hare Press published “Kyoto Garden” and in 1999 “My Heart is As…”

ClockTowerBooks published his Poetic Novella, “A Small Journal of Heroin Addiction”, digitally, in 2000.

Charta Books published his latest work entitled “Poet of the Building Site”, about his time working with Barry Flanagan the Sculptor of Hares, in association with the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

He is presently working on an upcoming novel entitled “A Story Made of Stone.”

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