Why I Write, What I Write. Poem. Ruan Mills Burke.


My writings are varied, my thoughts fuel the fire
My mind takes them captive before they expire
An inner dimension, newborn in the breeze
Dictates to my fingers in moments like these
My muse is a tyrant, a dragon, a fiend
At unlikely moments more thoughts have convened
I cannot detain them, they must have their way
Pushing and shoving to hijack my day
Dancing a tango, seducing my mind
Forming the words that my voice cannot find
Rushing and tumbling over the page
Whirling and twirling, coming of age
Splicing, enticing, leading astray
Dreaming up ways to enrich the affray
Sounding and pounding, building with glee
‘Til finally, a brand new creation is free
It’s because all of this that I write what I write
I don’t have a choice when new notions take flight
I am merely a vessel, a means for my muse
Thus providing a stage for its artistic views.



Born in the south of England, Ruan is an avid reader and writing has always been a part of her life. She says, “The challenge of sculpting the English language into works of art is always exciting because it is such a diverse and perverse material that I can never really tell what shape each piece will take”.


Ruan now lives in western France, drawing inspiration from her three wonderful dogs, the surrounding wealth of art and music, and the beauty of the vast French countryside


Ruan has had her work published in seventeen anthologies to date and has been a guest speaker, reading her own work, on both UK Southern Counties Radio and Radio Caburn.
She has won several poetry competitions and been recognised by the Arvon Literary Foundation UK.


Her work was featured in the top 100 Poets 2001 for the Arvon Literary Foundation and the top 100 discovered poets of 2012. Much of her work has also been recognised on-line via websites such as Authorsden, Poem Hunter and Poetry.com.








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Press Release. The Poetic Bond 111. 2013-1




THE POETIC BOND III, ISBN 978-1492384199, published  5.October 2013


Poetry of the MOMENT, from across the PLANET, poetry of our WORLD


Poetry that documents the Contemporary Zeitgeist


Poetry that explores, illuminates and examines the Human Condition




Poetry from


Brazil, Canada, China, Eire, France, Grenada, India, Israel,


Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, UK, US,



Thirty-seven poets from 13 countries were selected through a submission process in which there were no restrictions on form, style, length of subject; instead the choices made were on the basis of emergent themes and congruency in the pool of work; a snapshot of the poetry of new media NOW, seeking to capture the zeitgeist of the moment.



Poetry, both reveals and shares our humanity”


(Trevor Maynard, editor The Poetic Bond Series)



Editors’ Notes


1. FOR A PDF PRESS COPY OF THE POETIC BOND III, contact Trevor Maynard at poetry@trevormaynard.com on 0 44 7966 079968 or by snail mail at Willowdown Books, 105 Crockford Park Road, Addletone, Surrey, UK, KT 15 2LP


2. Trevor Maynard, UK based poet and writer, manager of Poetry, Review and Discuss Group, a major poetry group on LinkedIn. His new poetry collection is KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON (was published November 27 2012). He is also the author of several plays. Further information at http://www.trevormaynard.com/


4. The Poets of The POETIC BOND III (2013) are; Christine Anderes (US), Graham Bates (New Zealand), Rebecca Behar (France), Mark Beechill (UK), Nikki Bennett (UK), Rosalind Brenner (US), BJ Brown (US), Ian Colville (UK), Clark Cook (Canada), William DiBenedetto (US), Sam Doctors (US), Belinda Dupret (UK), Sumita Dutta (India), Gilbert A. Frank (US), Nina Floreteng (Sweden), Louise Francois (Grenada), GK Grieve (Europe), Seamus Harrington (Eire), Scott Hastie (UK), James Higgins (US), Robin Ouzman Hislop (UK), Diane Jardel (UK), Mark L. Levinson (Israel), Carey Link (US), Trevor Maynard (UK), Mermie (France), Simon Miller (UK), Linda Mills (US), Marli Merker Moreira (Brazil), Christine Pearson (US), RH Peat (US), Bonnie Roberts (US), Niek Satijn (Netherlands), Sharla Lee Shults (US), Peter Alan Soron (UK), Charles Thielman (US), Cigeng Zhang (China).







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A Cage Biosphere. A Poem by Jim Dunlap.


                                                           Jim Dunlap  Author                                         


Nebulous writhings, pure emotion,

blot a madcap ledger, writ

like the last, inchoate notion

of a dark, unhealthy fit.

Extant some bold lammergeier,

serpentwise, yet dragon fell,

destroying life’s pure, flaring fire

across untrammeled leagues of hell.

Colors shooting blinding schism

lighten dark, unfettered dreams.

Sunlight, filtered by a prism,

outlines evanescent schemes.

Thus from behind these prison bars,

     the savant yearns to claim the stars.


Jim Dunlap’s poetry has been published extensively in print and online in the United States, England, France, India, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand. His work has appeared in over 90 publications, including Potpourri, Candelabrum, Mobius, Poems Niedernasse, and the Paris/Atlantic. He was the co-editor of Sonnetto Poesia and is currently a Content Admin for Poetry Life & Times. www.facebook.com/PoetryLifeTimes He is also the chief proofreader for the On Viewless Wings Anthologies, published out of Queensland, Australia. In the past, he was a resident poet on Poetry Life & Times and the newsletter editor for seven years with the Des Moines Area Writers’ Network.

You may find him here:


Here: http://www.whoislog.info/profile/jim-dunlap-poet.html

Homepage: http://mindfulofpoetry.homestead.com/index.html
Here: http://www.pw.org/content/jim_dunlap_1

Here: http://www.artvilla.com/plt/currentoct06.html

Here: http://allpoetry.com/contest/2602767-Poems-for-Jim-Dunlap

Here: http://classicalpoets.org/fairy-dust-anarchy-and-other-poetry-by-jim-dunlap/

Here: http://classicalpoets.org/fairy-dust-anarchy-and-other-poetry-by-jim-dunlap/

Here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/109492

Here: http://allpoetry.com/column/9188321-Book-Review-The-Spirit-of-Christmas-in-Poetry-by-Jim-Dunlap-by-WandaLeaBrayton





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The Mohican.Poem.Norman Ball


NORMAN BALL (BA Political Science/Econ, Washington & Lee University; MBA, George Washington University) is a well-travelled Scots-American businessman, author and poet whose essays have appeared in Counterpunch, The Western Muslim and elsewhere. His new book “Between River and Rock: How I Resolved Television in Six Easy Payments” is available here. Two essay collections, “How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?” and “The Frantic Force” are spoken of here and here. His recent collection of poetry “Serpentrope” is published from White Violet Press. He can be reached at returntoone@hotmail.com.




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Except Seven None Return from Caer Sidhi.Poem. Ian Irvine(Hobson)


We are never quite done

 with the gloomy castle

 it shadows all our domestic hours

  from birth through the sapling years

 and on.


 It stands on a steep embankment

 surrounded by a thick, dark forest

 and from its battlements

      unlucky souls observe in the distance

 a glass-green ocean

 a starry firmament.


 Below, in the icy castle grounds,

      huddle mournful souls

 freezing and forgotten by all

      but their closest kin—

 a melancholy place

 but nothing eternal to it.


 The sun that rises elsewhere

       will not penetrate this structure

 hidden as it is, under northern mists,

 wizard spells and optical illusions

 of light and dark.


Though the city is your new mistress

        you may encounter this castle

 in dreams

 animated by an almost human moon,

 the eerie chatter of small

 flitting things—not exactly bats—

 and damp torches burning tentatively

 on, towering ramparts.


 And you may encounter stone griffins

  or other frozen phantasmagoria ,

  and ponder why it is

 that you always approach Her

  in the dark

 with frost stinging your skin

 and the air painful to breathe.


 And there’s never any wind

 it’s always so still and ponderous—

 like a painting:

 an ocean of souls (anticipating fire)

 ominous clouds (dull and lifeless)


 the muddled heavens

 so vast, so domed, so utterly silent.


Ian Irvine Photo

Ian Irvine is an Australian-based poet/lyricist, fiction writer and non-fiction writer. His work has featured in many Australian and international publications, including Fire (UK) ‘Anthology of 20th Century and Contemporary Poets,’ (2008) which contained the work of poets from over 60 nations.His work has also appeared in a number of Australian national poetry anthologies, and he is the author of three books and co-editor of many more (including Scintillae 2012, an anthology of work by over 50 Victorian and international writers and poets). He currently teaches writing and literature at Bendigo TAFE and Victoria University (Melbourne) and lives with fellow writer Sue King-Smith and their children on a 5 acre block near Bendigo, Australia.
Links related to his work are as follows:






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