Why I Write, What I Write. Poem. Ruan Mills Burke.


My writings are varied, my thoughts fuel the fire
My mind takes them captive before they expire
An inner dimension, newborn in the breeze
Dictates to my fingers in moments like these
My muse is a tyrant, a dragon, a fiend
At unlikely moments more thoughts have convened
I cannot detain them, they must have their way
Pushing and shoving to hijack my day
Dancing a tango, seducing my mind
Forming the words that my voice cannot find
Rushing and tumbling over the page
Whirling and twirling, coming of age
Splicing, enticing, leading astray
Dreaming up ways to enrich the affray
Sounding and pounding, building with glee
‘Til finally, a brand new creation is free
It’s because all of this that I write what I write
I don’t have a choice when new notions take flight
I am merely a vessel, a means for my muse
Thus providing a stage for its artistic views.



Born in the south of England, Ruan is an avid reader and writing has always been a part of her life. She says, “The challenge of sculpting the English language into works of art is always exciting because it is such a diverse and perverse material that I can never really tell what shape each piece will take”.


Ruan now lives in western France, drawing inspiration from her three wonderful dogs, the surrounding wealth of art and music, and the beauty of the vast French countryside


Ruan has had her work published in seventeen anthologies to date and has been a guest speaker, reading her own work, on both UK Southern Counties Radio and Radio Caburn.
She has won several poetry competitions and been recognised by the Arvon Literary Foundation UK.


Her work was featured in the top 100 Poets 2001 for the Arvon Literary Foundation and the top 100 discovered poets of 2012. Much of her work has also been recognised on-line via websites such as Authorsden, Poem Hunter and Poetry.com.








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Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear.Poem.Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino




the reed of a loom

the guideways, of a loom, or


when suddenly, when suddenly

this is spring, and this is summer


and this, this is open sky.

the birds resemble a man.


dandelion. giddying.

budded. spree.


roundly, with joy

for nothing and for everything


the day, with my own heart

too soon, arrayed. this haste


this pasturing. this coffee companion.

this cup. this yellow sky.



Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear” by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino. The Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh left us a series of self-portraits, among them the bandaged ear self-portraits, upon which this sonnet is based.

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino (1958—) was born in Greenwich Village, New York, and was raised in both the city and in the country across the Hudson River in New Jersey. He was educated at home, eventually to enter Fordham University where he received a degree in philosophy. In 2009 he received the Distinguished Scholar Award from the Doctor of Arts in Leadership program at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. His poetry and prose have appeared in OCHO, Barrow Street, Poets and Artists, jubilat, Verse Wisconsin, Pindeldyboz, Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics and EOAGH. About the sonnet form (“that perfect thought-form”) he maintains that it is still a viable form whereby the imaginative poet may flaunt his technical and stylistic virtuosity. His poems will often take the form of two or three sonnets in string and one of these, “The Archaeology of Palestine,” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His works include the e-chap, The Logoclasody Manifesto (Eratio Editions, 2008), and a book of poems entitled, The Valise (Dead Academics, 2012).


This sonnet is pre-published with the permission of the Editor-in-chief from:Richard Vallance, editor-in-chief. The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: Anthology of sonnets of the early third millennium = Le Phénix renaissant de ses cendres : Anthologie de sonnets au début du troisième millénaire. Friesen Presse, Victoria, B.C., Canada. © 2013. approx. 240 pp. ISBN Hardcover: 978-1-4602-1700-9 Price: $28.00 Paperback: 978-1-4602-1701-6 Price: $18.00 e-Book: 978-1-4602-1702-3 Price: TBA

300 sonnets & ghazals in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese & Persian. Selected sonnets are pre-published by our permission in Poetry Life & Times (UK) which has exclusive sole rights prior to the publication of the anthology itself. Readers may also contact Richard Vallance, Editor-in-Chief, at: vallance22@gmx.com for further information. http://vallance22.hpage.com/







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