Making the Best of It. A Video Text Poem by Sara L. Russell



Make time for oatmeal
slap it on your face
A mask is always useful
Think about Mindfulness
enter the id
explore the more spiritual
Get into baking
throw nothing away
cut your own hair
A virtual pub quiz
almost the same
as being there
So here is Friday
a bit like Thursday
by another name
Here is a message
stay home save lives
be good, play the game
Here comes a baldy
With cold dead eyes
to tell you again
Here’s a comedian
saying the same thing
but makes it a joke
There’s good little children
there’s a good housewife
that’s a good bloke
Spring is forbidden
summer is cancelled
commerce has died
So dance in your bedroom
sing into your hairbrush
Pretend they all lied.

Sara L. Russell 17th April 2020


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Sara Louise Russell, aka PinkyAndrexa, is a UK poet and poetry ezine editor, specialising particularly in sonnets, lyric-style poetry and occasionally writing in more modern styles. She founded Poetry Life & Times and edited it from 1998 to 2006, when she handed it over to Robin Ouzman Hislop, who now runs it as Editor  at this site. Her poems and sonnets have been published in many paper and online publications including Sonnetto Poesia, Mindful of Poetry and Autumn Leaves a monthly Poetry ezine from the late Sondra Ball. Her sonnets also currently appear in the recently published anthology of sonnets Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. She is also one of the first poets ever to be published on multimedia CD ROMs, published by Kedco Studios Inc.; the first one being “Pinky’s Little Book of Shadows”, which was featured by the UK’s national newspaper The Mirror, in October 1999. (Picture link for Mirror article)Angel Fire



Robin Ouzman Hislop is Editor of Poetry Life and Times ; You may visit Robin Ouzman Hislop about author. See Robin performing his work Performance (University of Leeds)



An Orderly Parade. Video Poem by Antonio Martínez Arboleda



Antonio_Martínez_Arboleda Antonio began his career in language teaching at the Instituto Cervantes and the University of Leeds in 1998. One year later he introduced his module on Spanish Politics (‘Spain: Political Decentralisation –El Estado de las Autonomías– and Integration into Europe’) and started to teach Spanish in an Economic and Business context.
Antonio is involved in a variety of artistic activities including poetry (Transforming with Poetry, 100,000 Poets for Change and Poesía Indignada), poetry translation and music. He is the author of the book of poems Los viajes de Diosa (The Travels of Goddess) (2015, Diego Marín) and directed the video collection of Spanish poetry Las flechas de Artemis (The Arrows of Artemis) in 2016.

Take Us. A Music Video Poem by The Black Socks

Image Dave Hall lead singer of The Black Socks for more information about the group & its activities visit their site at the link below. Editor’s Note.
[email protected]
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