Steven Jacobson Reunion and other Poems

Poet’s statement:
“Reunion”, “Airy N’ Water”, “Sea of Gray”, “Elixir of Life” and “Bury Time”. The theme revolves around nature and the human condition, centering on whether the poem elicits joy, sadness, anger, etc. from the reader and poet and focuses on being spiritual on reflection.


the opaque endearing sky
wrestles with obscurity
as twilight descends. the
grayish white wash
sprinkles the heavens,
quieting the evening firmament
and starry back wash.
darkness sets in and
covers the earth as the sun
scurries and masks its retreat
relinquishing its hold on the earth
until another day. the night
opens outward and touches the
effervescent of stars that zoom
in and out of consciousness.
the season fosters an intense
reunion between light and
darkness which transcends
the world. destiny girding
one forward is ever ready to
promote a burning passion
between nature and mankind.

Airy N’ Water

the wispy willow like feathers we call clouds
sprinkling the blue sky. airy breeze
calming and collecting, peace giving yet piercing.
trees and foliage reaching and rendering liken to
motion picture. vast bodies of water,
showering and shimmering a still photograph,
mimicking moment to moment experiences.
the animals and fowl safeguarding and settling.
mankind speaking and signaling, sensing and securing,
communicating and comprehending.
child in us circling and claiming all children,
the right and reason to breathe air and drink water,
precious to our human vessel housing our soul.

Sea of Gray

a sea of gray covers
and creates a monolith
of perplex ability. the
earth eager to engage
with tantalizing results
of gigantic proportions.
forever, uniting and
furthering, focusing on
coloring the world in
perpetual, gaining and
gravitating, a slurry of
momentum and motion.
the heart plays a rendition
of rendering and romancing
God’s love, endlessly
caressing and coupling the
light of the world. the
intensity and interacting
between the heart and the
spirit melding with God’s
Spirit coaxes and circumscribes
its presence of love and grace
intertwining for all time.

Elixir of Life

the reconciling and reaching
tendrils of loving magnitude
touching the earth with the
golden orb. the elixir of life
enters and eagerly washes and
waves a portal newly realized
and reunited. a statement and
situation savors a complex
and completely crushes the world.
the motion and motor forever
cloaking and canvassing the
tapestry of the Great Weaver.
a moment suspends and surprises
the onlooker held in the moment.
a creation, captivating and catapulting
our sanctuary, ever inscribed in the
sea of spiritual contentment. a
lifetime of kaleidoscope and
keeping the heart by creating a coupling
between the indescribable testimony
from the indestructible moment,
forever apart of our lives.

Bury Time

the retroactive and retribution
blankets the world. a promise
and prospering note of noteworthy
consideration, drawing the drinking
body of water, forever touching
and treating each other. a rendition
and rectifying measure opening and
observing a bright light of ephemeral
proportions. a covering and circumstantial,
leveraging and leaving the recent and
remembering clock buried and bruised
an artifact we call time. moments
creating an unravelling and usurping
against the world held in bondage.
a motioning and melding track the
truth which measures a great and
glorious personification of dreams
and deepening love affair.

Biography Statement
Steven Jacobson was born and raised in the Mid-west graduating from UW-La Crosse, WI with a double major in Physics and Mathematics. He has attended (8) classes from the Loft Literary Center, promoting all levels of creative writing. Steven’s interest in writing poetry happened eight years ago, when he submitted a poem for Vail Place Newsletter for the mentally challenged.

Steven’s poetry has appeared in access press, calvary cross, linnet’swings, burningword, the glasscoin, nazar-look (romanian publication), praisewriters, enoiar review, penwoodreview, littleredtree and message in a bottle.

Steven Jacobson Poetry
Steven Jacobson

Janet Kuypers’ poetry feature/show 6/19/15 in Chicago’s “Rap Sheet” at Cafe Cabaret

See YouTube video of Janet Kuypers’ poetry feature “Rap Sheet” (Cfs) live at the Cafe Cabaret at Cafe Ballou in Chicago 6/19/15, with the poems each of you carry one body each, uncuffed and printed, Entering Courtroom 101, Vent, and only option is fighting.

See YouTube video of Janet Kuypers’ poetry feature “Rap Sheet” (Cps) live at the Cafe Cabaret at Cafe Ballou in Chicago 6/19/15, with the poems each of you carry one body each, uncuffed and printed, Entering Courtroom 101, Vent, and only option is fighting.

After Dylan on the Ninth Wave. A Poem by Robin Ouzman Hislop

After Dylan on the Ninth Wave.*
The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
Drives my green age – Dylan Thomas (1914-53)

Worm’s Head on Rhossili beach’s
Rocky peninsula
Crags that jut in the eye’s squint.
A bellying belly capped by a pixie cone
In a turn around bay, on a turn around tide.
Long levelled backwater mud banks
Bogged to the edge of another shore
Down dusk grey fallen sky
Misted on slow dark billowy waters
Slip to the rippling sand’s brink
Break with a sigh from the far horizon’s
Foggy veil’s sheeting light
That winks in the blink of a squint
As clouds rush down, head on.
Whilst the man on the hill
Beach up from the dune in heather, fern
Cliff path & bleats of rolling flocked wool
Wanders side on against Gods & Goddesses.
The might on high of ancient deities at play
In their buffoonery with the day
As they rollicked & frolicked
Harangued & battled for naught
Other than gainsay for the man on hill.
To push him & pull him, hither & thither
As his shadow swelled & swathed him
Down under into the rock below
Whilst they in their lightning & terrible frightening
Also would fall from their lofty citadel
Although immune from his suffering
To rage, rage against the dying of the light
To like him in their burial.


Worm’s Head on the Gower Peninsular was a well known haunt of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, also known for his prodigious drinking bouts from which he sadly died at the age of 39 in a New York bar. It is recorded he was once stranded on the Worm’s Head when cut off by the incoming tide from the mainland. Origins of the name Dylan in pagan mythology can be found in the Mabinogion, where he is described as the Son of the Wave, a Sea God born of the Goddess Arianrhod. Robert Graves in the White Goddess describes the mythological source of Dylan, as the Divine Child born on the Ninth Wave and sometimes ancient graphics depict a naked man caught by fishermen in a net are held to refer to Dylan. Its etymology variously ascribes the root as ‘The wave that floods’, ‘The flood that recedes’ and ‘The tide that returns’.
Lines in italics from Dylan Thomas’s Birthday Poem at Laugharne Bay & Do not go gentle into that good night.’
Poetry Life & Times

All the Babble of the Souk

Wonderland in a Tree Poem by Dandelion De La Rue

Wonderland in a Tree Poem
Painting by Khchao Touch

Wonderland in a Tree

Escaping Druidlike
into the tree
a light filled hollow
opening up,
warm and beckoning.

So Alice stands
before it, waiting
for the warmth,
hair growing into the earth
in perfect ringlets
in harmony, matching the tree
her arms open
hugging air
healing by the light
and belonging there.

Healing from
the evil queens
and silly cards
who paint the roses red
thinking nature
should match the wallpaper.

Healing from
the Prozak addled masses
who no longer think
or just no longer care.

Healing from
the pain, the sneers,
of those who think
that kindness is a weakness.

Healing from
arrogant science
which would deny
and criticize
the wisdom of the natural world.

Healing from
the frenzied bringers of
religions and advice
who shout with dedication
that only they
are privy to the truth.

Alice knows better,
she listens to the tree,
it told her so
and teaches her to blend
into the real reality.