This Song Will Always Cry

This Song Will Always Cry

This Song Will Always Cry

All my songs are sad songs
since you’ve been gone
memories and love songs
all night long

My glass it feels hal;f empty
since you’ve been gone
and all I do is sing
these sad love songs

Oh I’d like to sing
some glad songs
And I’d like to bring
a smile
They say time can
heal all wounds Lord
but this song
will always cry
yes this song
will always cry

I walk the floor
from end to end
since you’ve been gone
and I dream about
what might have been
all night long
I guess it just
turned out this way
with me all alone
standing up here
with your memory
and singing
this sad love song

Oh I’d like to sing
some glad songs
And I’d like to bring
a smile
They say time can
heal all wounds Lord
but this song
will always cry
yes this song
will always cry

David Michael Jackson

Ununtrium, “Periodic Table of Poetry” poem by Chicago poet Janet Kuypers

Janet Kuypers

from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series (#113, Uut)
elements derived from the poem“Tall Man”

I can never hold you.
But when I step
within those walls
where I first found you,
I can then feel your presence
across the room.
A movement, a stir.
I feel it.
I can sense you
as the seconds slip by,
but after only
twenty moments,
I snap out of it.
I know you’re gone.

I compare you
to your friends,
and your heaviness
weighs me down.
You, with your long shadow
stretched across those walls,

you’ll only disappear again.

An occasional glance —
I’ll take whatever I can take.
Glimpses of your strength
is all I can capture
before you seem to
dart away
at what seems
to be
the speed of light.

You’re a stranger.
You stay tightly wound in your world.
But I want crack
your dense shell.
I want to know you.

I’ve sensed you.

And for some reason,
I feel I know you all too well.

Bell Buckle Cafe and Four Shades of Grey



I finally got out of the house and went down to my favorite place in this part of Tennessee, Bell Buckle and the Bell Buckle Cafe, my fav restaurant.
Bell Buckle is a railroad town, it hugs the railroad and a train is apt to roar by the old storefronts which say so much about this part of Tennessee and its history. It hasn’t really changed much and we tend to hold on to those places. We touch history and I tend to touch the bricks of this tiny town. I love driving to Bell Buckle because the views after I leave I-24 are the most breath taking in this part of Tennessee.

On this night Andy and Clay Derryberry and The Four Shades of Grey  were playing. Also check out Four Shades of Grey at Facebook . It’s a tough place to film and to try to catch the sounds because it’s a long narrow room and the restaurant is very popular because they make meat and three into gourmet delight!
I only managed to capture one song properly and what a song!. This song doesn’t just represent the Duck River area of Tennessee. It’s a larger song that, to me. It represents both America and life.
This part of the country is not so panoramic as others. Our delight is just around the corner of a country road and a quiet view of a creek replacing panorama with glimpses of water flowing through rocks in a small way, not a big way.



To download video right click on link

Song by Clay Derryberry

Performance by Shades of Grey at the Bell Buckle Cafe July 12, 2014

……….by David Michael Jackson


Tritium, “Periodic Table of Poetry” bonus poem from Chicago poet Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

(Bonus poem from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” series, molecule 3H
based on Hydrogen element #1, also known as hydrogen-3)

So my husband has this nice Fossil watch
that he wears only when we go out on nice dates now.
You see, he says he doesn’t need a watch
because he has his cell phone with him at all times,
and it always tells time in accordance with GPS.

But recently he broke down and bought another watch,
one that looks like a small child should wear it,
with a huge black band and face and neon glowing hands.

Lovely, I thought,
I thought just using the cell phone was bad enough.
So I asked about the glowing hands on his watch
(and thought about the original radium watch faces
painted by women who got cancer from radiation).
And he said no, the numbers and dials are covered in

And I thought, great,
another element that probably will leak
into people causing certain eventual death.
But he said no, this is safe, it’s only an isotope of hydrogen.

And I thought, oh…
So it’s just another boring element that we
Americans are using to try to make life easier
for people who grow tired of using their eyes.

I don’t think he liked my saying that.
So he said, wait a minute
(knowing how I seem to like learning about
Atomic bombs and World War Two and the like),
Tritium is used in the process of making the
Hydrogen bomb.


So I read that Tritium for American nuclear weapons
was produced in special heavy water reactors.
But tritium undergoes radioactive decay
(ergo the glowing watch faces, I’d wonder,
though I’m sure he’s stress that there’s
no dangerous radioactivity in his watch –
oh wait, he said it’s “safe” radioactivity),
but Tritium’s used in “boosting”, increasing
the speed and yield of fission bombs.

And yeah, he was trying to get me to like
his child-like black glow-in-the-dark watch
by linking it with heavy water in WWII
and Hitler’s efforts to get the bomb first.
Scary to think that tactic might work with me,
but at least he’s trying to get me like
the watch that he chooses to wear.

Arrival of the Dreaded Body Snatchers by Dandelion Del La Rue

alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

Arrival of the Dreaded Body Snatchers

The Body Snatchers
Have arrived
And won. I see around me
Countless plants
In human guise,
Giant philodendrons
Everywhere, attached to
Little boxes
Little brain supports
Staring into
What would Alice say?
Boringer and boringer

What if Alice
Had an ipad
Instead of a boring book
With no pictures
Or conversations.
She wouldn’t have seen
The rabbit
Or fallen down the
Rabbit hole
Or drank from the drink me bottle
Or nibbled on the
Magic mushroom.
She might have
Thought, the roses were really red.
Wikipedia would have said so,
And she wouldn’t have
Noticed the cards
Running to and fro
With sloshing buckets
Of crimson paint.
She wouldn’t have heard
The wisdom falling from the
grinning lips of Cheshire cats
And caterpillars.
And Dorothy, of course,
Could have googled maps
And got to Kansas by the
Shortest superhighway.
She never would have
Met the scarecrow, or the
Lion, or heard
The munchkins sing.
She wouldn’t know
That she could melt a witch
Or dance on yellow brick roads.
She never would
Have stopped to smell
The poppies.

I’d rather be
An old human
Than a young
I’m glad that I was young
Before the body snatchers