Fireplace and Girl Painting

fireplace and girl painting

I guess this was painted in the 1990’s
Yep it’s a girl combing her hair in front of a fireplace…..This Painting has been viewed a lot over the years on the net. It resides in a dear friend’s house. I poured Gesso onto water color paper and tore pieces of paper and pushed them into the Gesso and added more until there was a very rough surface. I like to paint on a rough surface..It adds texture.

david michael jackson May 30, 2012

Corn Cake Lady Poem by Dandelion de la Rue

The Corn Cake Lady


The predawn sidewalk

gray and cold

just me, just me

and a thin brown dog

sniffing at a

pile of motley treasure.

I stumble by

hoping he has

struck it rich.


But up ahead,

some warmth waves deck the

grim gray sky.

The corn cake lady

street grill sizzling

flipping corn cakes

filled with thick

and gooey cheese,

so hot, so greasy,

so strong.


The sidewalk’s warmer now,

and happier,

as I move on,

Eating half

And leaving half

for the thin brown dog.


dandelion de la Rue May 30,  2012


Sounds Poem


When she whispers
like the sounds a skirt makes,
the sounds the leaves make,
the sounds the wind makes
early, when the birds sing like
the peaceful sound of the brook
when she speaks
like the rain itself
on the roof,
it’s the sound the sunshine makes
in the yard,
the sound the moonlight makes,
the sound of a kind thought,
the sounds the clouds make,
and the sounds the sun makes
setting and rising




david michael jackson   Nov 29 2004

Faces Come Out of the Rain Painting

faces painting


Faces Come Out of the Rain

This abstract painting was the largest and most complex of my icon images of  faces. They are inspired by early 20th century art somewhat but are also an invention of mine.

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david michael jackson  may 23, 2012


Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract Art Paintings by David Michael Jackson

Yes these are abstract paintings. This gallery is composed of images with no names so you can make stuff out of the images own your own. Abstract paintings lend themselves to interpretation in different ways by different people. Abstract art or abstrart has it’s beginnings in the early 20th century
Wiki describes abstract art as follows:
Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.
We live in the world however! Abstract art can also suggest things from the world through our imagination. We may see a cat, others a dog so to speak. Any interactive form of art involves the imagination of the viewer. That is why i add shape to the equation.
Thank you for viewing these paintings.

david michael jackson May 22, 2012

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Chromium poem by Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series

Closing the door
to my stainless steel refrigerator,
I thought about the popularity
of stainless steel;
everyone wants to get
stainless steel fronts
for all of their kitchen appliances.
Costs more at the store,
but that’s the price for looking good.

So I thought, stainless steel,
okay, what is that, iron?
But my wrought iron bed frame
and sets of candle holders
are pretty much black,
some of it’s rusting,
so what do they do
to make this iron a shiny,
different kind of metal?

I looked online
and the answer
was 24.
Not 42, not the meaning of life,
but the atomic number.

You know, when I turned 24 at work,
our rep from our press called me,
and I told him it was my birthday.
So he asked me how old I was,
and I said 42.
He sounded surprised, so I told him,
“Oh, you didn’t ask me
how old I felt.
I’m 24.”

But really, chromium
is atomic element number 24,
and to make stainless steel
they add over ten percent
of chromium to the iron to form
a steel alloy that doesn’t corrode.
(Good thing
my refrigerator
won’t rust…)

So maybe it’s the
magnetic properties of chromium
that make this metal so appealing
to people now…
But this protective element
has protected weaponry
from Chinese dynasties
thousands of years ago,
so the Chinese knew,
even then,
that coating things with
this magnetic metallic element
would stop corrosion.

I mean, we’ve all heard
of things that are
chrome plated, right?
Chromium not only makes things
last longer, but
chromium is also known for
its luster when polished —
which really makes
for a great sell.
Just go to any hangout
for motorcyclists,
probably on any summer
Sunday morning,
and see the parked line-up
of one motorcycle after another,
each outdoing each other
with decorative chrome plating…

But then I thought…
Chromium’s even used
as chrome yellow dye
for school buses…
Chromium salts are used
for wood preservatives
and tanning leather…
The refractory applications
of chromium even work
for blast furnaces, cement kilns,
molds for the firing of bricks
and also for the casting of metals.

I guess chromium can really
extend the life
of what we see around us…
So I guess it’s fitting
that when my birthday
coincided with this element,
I jokingly said
that the number in question
was actually the answer
to life, the universe,
and everything…