Up Against the Wall Poem

Up against the wall painting
Up Against the Wall by David Michael Jackson

Up against the wall mf
spread your legs
come from nowhere into
this fleeting time space which
also exists in
a trillion trillion
other places
can I be any smaller?
I am a quark,
a tiny particle
surrounded by
I am energy surrounded by energy which is
Up against the wall mf
it is not there

………….dmj…….6.30.19….year 21 of Artvilla

A Surrender with the Bee

An Ascension
An Ascension by David Michael Jackson

I surrender
my ambition
my dreams
I surrender
I will be an old man who lives nerby
who paints
who writes poems
and casts them at this thing
without ambition
without a dream
art is a flower and a seed
if your flower is not seen
if no lover stops for a scent
if it’s only you and the bee,
the bee that stung
you with the will
to be the flower
be the flower
alone in the forest
plant the seed
plant the seed

….david michael jackson….6.29.19…year 21 of Artvilla