Janet Kuypers’ “Akitu” 12/3/16 poetry feature/show with live music

    Below are writing links and video links from a November 5th 2016 (12/3/16, or 20161203) poetry performance (with costume changes for every poem reading) of Janet Kuypers’ Austin poetry feature through Expressions: Festive Seasons live in Austin Texas at the Bahá’í Center.

    Because the theme of the night with other features focused on end of the year celebrations, Janet Kuypers included new writings about annual celebrations, solstices, and even Saturnalia and New Year’s celebrations (all with live electric bass music played with a bow).

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Akitu chapbook

    Before the show started she also released copies to most everyone there of a chapbook of the writings she was performing in her show (in the order they were performed), and all of the pieces from this reading were also released electronically in a “Akitu” chapbook, which you can download as a PDF file for free any time.

Read the poems from the show:

open flame for the celebration
Every Soul Celebrates
endings bring light
Everyone Celebrates Together

You can also enjoy these bonus poems read after the show (the YouTube playlist below also includes past readings of thes bonus poems):

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Children Of Our Age Poem By Wislawa Szymborska

Children Of Our Age – Poem by Wislawa Szymborska
We are children of our age,

it’s a political age.

All day long, all through the night,

all affairs–yours, ours, theirs–

are political affairs.

Whether you like it or not,

your genes have a political past,

your skin, a political cast,

your eyes, a political slant.

Whatever you say reverberates,

whatever you don’t say speaks for itself.

So either way you’re talking politics.

Even when you take to the woods,

you’re taking political steps

on political grounds.

Apolitical poems are also political,

and above us shines a moon

no longer purely lunar.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

And though it troubles the digestion

it’s a question, as always, of politics.

To acquire a political meaning

you don’t even have to be human.

Raw material will do,

or protein feed, or crude oil,

or a conference table whose shape

was quarreled over for months;

Should we arbitrate life and death

at a round table or a square one?

Meanwhile, people perished,

animals died,

houses burned,

and the fields ran wild

just as in times immemorial

and less political.

It’s Part of Life | Poem by Alison Hammond

Part of Life Poem







Part of Life  by Alison Hammond

I want to walk it off
but I miss my dog
and how she always set the pace.
I want to talk it out
but i miss my friend
and how he always
picked up the phone.
So here I am in between
action and thought
and not wanting to feel
a Goddamn thing
but knowing full well
that something creative
is incubating and will hatch.
It always does.
It’s part of life.


Alison Hammond is a Disc Jockey WMVY aka mvyradio
Alison is fron New York, New York


Selected Poems By David Michael Jackson

Selected Poems by David Michael Jackson

aaa poetryFeatures

David Michael Jackson

These poems and songs have been seen by many many thousands of people since 1997. Since then I have posted so many poems, songs and paintings that my fingers may have callouses. I have scattered them all over creation and this is an effort to finally have a page about me. People tend to find me with an individual painting, song or poem. My website, Artvilla.com is about those three subjects because they are my three loves.
I just hope my  poems and love songs bring joy and understanding to others.

Contact editors@artvilla.com

david michael jackson

Art by David Michael Jackson Modern Art Paintings and Images





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