Memories Poem by Candace Pfau

Magical Memories

Lovely little memories,
floating through my mind.
Sparkling bits of laughter,
Little drops of sadness,
rainbows full of joy.

Sweetly perfumed memories,
like violets in the grass,
a firefly out of nowhere,
leads me through the past.

Shooting stars are fleeting,
like loved ones long ago.
But they are magical memories,
because we make them so.

One Petal Falls Poem by Candace Pfau

One Petal Falls

One petal falls
without a sound.
One soul lifts up
homeward bound.

One hummingbird
silent as a breeze.

One raindrop quenches,
a parched ground,
one tear, slides
silently down.


Thoughts Poem by Candace Pfau

Tracing Thoughts

Skywriting my thought’s in
the sky,
I think, your thought’s,
you retrieve mine from power’s on high,
Not a word is spoken but energy
given and energy received.

Million’s of pure thought’s
count as one cosmic prayer,
You spoke, as if you heard
the unspoken,
I answered and sacred energy
flowed between,
Tracing thought’s
So much yet to be seen.