Cold Rain Poem by David Michael Jackson

Out Into The Cold Rain

out into the cold rain
goes my baby
out into the driving wind
goes my child
out into the cruel world
I send my honey
even the bitterest wind
is sweet
even the driving rain
brings the wet street in the morning and
that certainty which permeates
the consciousness in the wet cold,
suffering perseverance
which tastes as sweet
the soft forgotten scent of
the rose.
To come out of nothingness
out of the abyss of time and no time,
to come out of that and to taste
the sweet taste of the oxygen in the air for a moment
for a simple brief instant, would you not endure,
would you not say “No problem, Lord”
to the pain and cold
dampness of this day
to the problems and the worries and the fact
that this coat doesn’t quite cover, and
let’s the cold in until it
hurts the limbs when they try to move.
What do you say,
what can you say, but
thank you
thank you for
this day

Copyright © 1998 by David Michael Jackson, All rights reserved





My Kind of Crazy Playlist and Music by Leilani Roosman

my kind of crazy

Leilani Roosman

All of these songs have one of these phrases or words: barmy – bonkers – barking mad (or barking for short) – high – off the wall – psychedelic effects – right off the bat – sausage – oj oj oj – chicken skin – completement barr√© !!!! – quirky – crazy – nicely weird – naughty – wacky – giant innards – straight jacket – chaotic – tripped out – perversive – out there – unchained …and my favourite: my kind of crazy….Soundcloud description


my kind of crazy

The Stewards of The Earth by David Michael Jackson | A Poem


The Stewards of the Earth


Bite the tail in front
shuffle the feet
bite the tail
shuffle the feet
push toward the food
bite the tail
kick the one biting the tail
push to food
bite the tail

The Stewards of the Earth
push buttons
food flows
push to food
the machines whir
A door opens
The light slips in.

The door closes