Marble Hall Dreaming Poem by Frank Anthony

A Marble Hall Dreaming
Session Of New Love
My last two days write
a dozen new mini essay
pieces a variety stuff
George Seldes can like
A dream was telling me
here I killed 68 flies
bothered hell out this
decent nights sleeping
learning something the
animal world hide life
creeping all around us
our unsatisfied lovers
existing on pacemakers


While you were Waiting poem by David Michael Jackson

While you were waiting
she was sleeping.
While she was sleeping.
I was wanting,
without cigarrettes I have no perceived angst.
Take the pill.
These modern times go down
with the pill.
Why cry?
The world will go on without your poetry.
Why try,
and yet trying is what you are about,
going there,
coming here to
again, knowing others will read,
maybe they will try too.

As the universe was expanding
and burning out
he typed these words
on a computer

Let’s make it a good ride!


To Kill A Mocking Bird Pull My Trigger Poem by Frank Anthony

To Kill A Mocking Bird
Pull My Trigger
The six hours of sleep
He usually has is over
or the pacemaker creep
up in the night clover
In days He walks a lot
My unsuspecting summer
never expects the plot
of their two GI Hummer
every week on a street
West Bagdad with Armor
The best music we meet
chatters AK 47 charmer
my Nirvana is compleat

(c) 2005 Frank Anthony