Poem About Lying by Seymour Shubin

About Lying

My mother used to say it
When I was growing up
But I never really understood it
Until I was, say, about thirteen
Or so.
And what she used to say was
“I hate liars,
A liar and a thief are the same.”
Like I say, it sounded good
Though I didn’t really understand it
For years,
That a liar and a thief are the same
Because they both steal something from you.
How true, and I try to live it
Even though it puts me
At a disadvantage.

Shah Rukh Khan

Those who have Netflix may already know about Shah Rukh Khan from these movies.  I came in with  Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi If you happen to wander upon this page and you want something special, then maybe you haven’t watched a movie from India. Sub-titles are worth the effort!
The films from India are jubilant celebrations of life and love. As Shahruhk says, the family in India is still together in one house and the movies are a conglomeration, a hodgepodge, a celebration of everything thrown in. They are apt to break into song or dance at any moment but with much more flare as the old Hollywood musicals. Think Paint your Wagon with modern music. It is the acceptance of modern pop music and a mixing of the modern with tradition with celebration. The new is mixed with the old not with conflict but with joy. This music sprang from the American culture and spread to the world. The conflict between the cultures of the world and Elvis continues and is evident in these films but they accept it.
We break into song and dance all the time, in the shower, as we work, it is natural and that’s the way it happens in these movies. Have we become too serious? It is refreshing to see art as joy.
Shah Rukh Khan came to Yale on April 12, 2012 as a Chubb Fellow in his first visit to an American university. The Chubb Fellowship is one of Yale’s most distinguished honors.
The speech is wonderful. The interviews afterward are so special. Do not miss the opportunity to watch this Yale video. It is the special part of this day.


From Wiki:
Often referred to in the media as””Baadshah of Bollywood””, “King Khan” and “The King of Bollywood”, Khan has acted in over 70 Hindi films in genres ranging from romantic dramas to action thrillers.[5][6][7] His contributions to the film industry have garnered him numerous achievements including fourteen Filmfare Awards from thirty nominations. His eight Filmfare Best Actor Award wins make him the most awarded Bollywood actor of all time in that category, tied only with Dilip Kumar. In 2005, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri for his contributions towards Indian cinema.


Silicon poem by Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series

I knew that Silicon is good for plant metabolism,
which should make me be happy as a vegetarian
and a woman with I don’t know how many plants
potted and taking over my home.
But Silicon is barely ever needed for animal life…
In nature, Silicon seems to be better suited
for sea sponges. And although I love the sea,
the last thing I want to be called is a sponge.
And you know, if Silicon is used by anyone in the
animal kingdom, you can believe that I really dislike
breast implants made out of Silicon (or made out of
anything unnatural to the human body, for that latter).
And after my Lasik eye surgery, I even heard
they use Silicon for some contact lenses —
which makes me glad I don’t need contacts anymore.

So if Silicon doesn’t have a use organically for humans,
I guess it makes sense then that Silicon is actually
used by humans in explosives and pyroptechnics.
But really, for the abundant element, Silicon
has to have some better uses for us humans,
like in semiconductors, or even intregrated circuits…

But whenever I go out and walk on the beach,
feel the sand work it’s way between my toes,
I should remember that Silicon Dioxide
is pretty much sand.

Then again, I heard that people were suing Taco Bell
a few years back, because their “Taco Meat Filling”,
was only one third meat, plus flavorings, and a bit of
Silicon Dioxide.

So yeah, people wondered, and were asking
if Taco Bell “meat” was actually made with sand.

I know, I know, Taco Bell had to explain that Silica —
or Silicon Dioxide — is commonly used for foods,
and Taco Bell was just using the harmless oxide
to absorb water and keep the meat from clumping.

Hmmm… So if Silicon is common enough
to be under our feet on beaches around the world,
and if this vegetarian should be pleased
that Silicon is used during plant metabolism,
then I guess I’ll have to expect us humans
to use Silicon (even if we don’t need it)
to help us see better with eye contacts,
or comically exaggerate our breast size,
or even use integrated circuits
to help set off some cool fireworks,
because Silicon has to be cooler
than just the beauty of the beach at sunset.

the 7/22/12 Beach Poets chapbook
Download this poem in the free chapbook
the 7/22/12 Beach Poets chapbook,
w/ the Periodic Table of Poetry poems.

See YouTube video of Kuypers reading this poem at her Beach Poets feature 7/22/12 in Chicago (from the Canon)

See YouTube video of Kuypers reading 7 poems from her series “Periodic Table of Poetry” at her Beach Poets feature 7/22/12 in Chicago, including this poem (from the Canon)

ode to cobra poem by Daisy Sidewinder



I didn’t notice

my wrinkles,

or the gray,

or the gravity,


but young Cobra


and with sympathy

and kindness

showing in his

pretty eyes

pretty boy eyes

he smiled with all

the radience of

a toothpaste commercial.

I can take the stress

from your lovely face

he murmured

brushing the silver

gently from my brow

for a reasonable fee

because I like you

so much.



Does this mean

I’ve reached

“a certain age?”

Have I reached the age

of advertising smiles

and deference

on the beach

from friendly young men

with guileless eyes

and open hands?

I have always been


I have always wanted

to meet a gigolo.

I didn’t expect a gigolo

to want to meet me.

– Daisy Sidewinder


to Daisy
to Moongate



I climb the hills and mountains of my heart poem by J Barton

I climb the hills and mountains of my heart

Where the echos of spirits sound.

On my way I search for happiness–

Happiness, solid as a stone.

Now My happiness is with you–right now–here–

There’s no power in yesterdays–tomarrows–nothing–

Their voice speaks in the wind.

So pour me your tea–

Make it warm this night–

Come close–

And old spirits won’t find me home.


Peace Comes Dropping Slow by Ken Peters

Peace Comes Dropping Slow 

when bloody Christians
aren’t looking
when red Imams
aren’t listening
when wall building Zionists
and bomb laden Palestinians
are sleeping
God must be laughing
at this horror
because my prayer
“dear God
protect me from
your beleivers”
may not be enough
while I wait for glaciers, trees and rivers
to replane this terra
into Eden– Ken Peters

Ken’s menu   /   Moongate