Marian McPartland and the Girls in the Band

 Marian McPartland Piano and Jazz


Marian Talks about her sound   Marian McPartland Jam

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THE GIRLS IN THE BAND  a film by One Step Productions  tells the “poignant, untold stories of female jazz and big band instrumentalists and their fascinating, groundbreaking journeys from the late 30′s to the present day.Review in Variety

Jazz legendary piano wizard Marian McPartland continues to showcase the world’s best musicians on NPR’s longest-running  jazz program, Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz.

Here is an excellent article about visiting Marion McPartland by Judy Chaikin. Judy Chaikin is the director of The Girls in the Band. 

When you research a post you sometimes run into another who has already done a job far better than you of detailing and archiving the subject. When you meet such a resource, you have to  acknowledge. To learn more about Marian McPartland and piano and the times and history be sure to visit  Marian McPartland a Jazz Pianist, an overview of a musical career. by Clare Hansson. Excellent!

Here is Marian’s Facebook Page. Ladies and gentlemen that photo behind her is only the most famous Jazz photo in history and she, dear ones, is in it. Here is the photo again from A Great Day in Harlem  Here is A bio of the musicians and Marian McPartland.

Her start came in WW II, the big one. My dad was in that war and met my mom there. Marian was in that war and met her husband in England.
Thanks to the film and the people who made it, I, on an island in a far off land once called Tanase, have learned about this lady and now love her work. To blog is to be always on a discovery path.  This path led to Marian McPartland’s piano.

We have decided that this is a windmill to battle. This is the first blog of presentations of women musicians. Expect more. We, or I, or whomever this is, thinks we or you, yes you should want more music from more of the ladies in  this  blog starring  women featured in THE GIRLS IN THE BAND. It’s a good page.

Marian’s piano music speaks for itself.




The Girls in the Band
Audience Award, Best Documentary Feature – Palm Springs International Film Festival
Audience Favourite Feature, Victoria Film Festival
Audience Choice Documentary, Omaha Film Festival
Produced by Judy Chaikin, Michael Greene, Nancy Kissock. Executive producer, Greene. Co-producer, Hugh M. Hefner. Directed by Judy Chaikin. Written by Chaikin, Edward Osei-Gyimah


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Last One Standing Poem

i wuz the last one standing
told off
narry a narnstitch to chamfer,
stalwrited agin,
the final blartly
last one standing I wuz,
barnsnorted right into thye cornswaint
blottled and confused
left there to think I was
left there to think
and think I did



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Blacklist and Joan Scott’s screenwriting career

Blacklist molded Joan Scott’s screenwriting career | | The Bulletin.

Joan Scott, the wife of Adrian Scott, one of the Hollywood Ten, died yesterday.  She was the last living link to any of the 10 who went to jail, except possibly the children and grandchildren who still are around.  That’s how history dies unless we keep the remembering alive.

Hollywood Blacklist

Mystical Photographs wanted for Mystical House Film

PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITY for Mystical House Productions. There are not enough people connected to yet to make it viable so I am asking all of you to share this message on your site. LET’S MAKE A LITTLE MOVIE WITH YOUR MYSTICAL PHOTOGRAPHS. Each person who would like to, send up to 3 “mystical” photographs that you have taken yourself. Everyone participating gets credit in the film. I will produce it. I have original music already and will write some words. You may also write a few words to go with the pics you send. Send submissions to Belinda Subraman at Please share this message far and wide.




1. Of or having a spiritual reality or import not apparent to the intelligence or senses.
2. Of, relating to, or stemming from direct communion with ultimate reality or God: a mystical religion.
3. Enigmatic; obscure: mystical theories about the securities market.
4. Of or relating to mystic rites or practices.
5. Unintelligible; cryptic.

Fear Poem by David Michael Jackson

We blacklisted those who
made us fear ourselves

It was us, not them.

We were there

We were there
John Brown.

We were there.

We were there in Berlin.

It’s is not they
it is we.

We stood by
millions were burned.
We were fearful.

We stood by while
the talk infested our

the talk of fear

for communism
for drugs
for 19 guys with box cutters
for Mexicans.

We climbed out of the sewer of our
collective fear
into the sunshine of truth
once, a long time ago
in a place called Congress
and we told a man called McCarthy
where to stick his fear
and if we have to
by God
we’ll do it again.

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Blue Eyes Poem by Andy Derryberry

Mystic Blue Eyes (you shoulda held on to her)

You shoulda held on to her
Mystic blue eyes
Deep as the sky is high
Calm as water in the morning
Rough as the open sea

You shoulda held on to her
That little bit of trouble
Though not so much really
Tough but sweet
Hard but soft

You shoulda held on to her
She would have held on to you
The time quickly passes
If you don’t hold on tight
The sun rises
Love it before it sets

You shoulda held on to her
Lovely little lady
You knew her for a while
I knew her from a child
From when I was a kid

You shoulda held on to her
Now you don’t know where to look
Will she call
Will she come back
There’s no way to know

You shoulda held on to her
Mystic blue eyes
Deep as the sky is high
Calm as water in the morning
Rough as the open sea