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aaa poetry

aaa poetry
aaa poetry
Drawing by Cassie Leary
1996, age 4

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It's been twelve years since, here, on this page,  I announced That's Not My Father  by Marilyn McIntyre. Every day people ask a search engine for dying father poem and this poem ranks high.  I announce it again at the death of my mother, Maria Gomez Jackson Taggart (1926-2011). The poem makes me cry but it has also provided comfort for thousands since 1998. Now it brings comfort to me. Thank you again Marilyn..
Here is some Not so famous lost art.
Lately I have been publishing lyrics from my songs as poems. Lyrics tend to repeat phrases people ask for in search engines.  Some poems go viral. Some mp3 recordings tend to go a little viral too. Here is a new rhyming poem derived from our most  viral downloaded recording, Baby I Love You .
It started out as Everybody is Talking and is another search engine hit!  We get good traffic to the song too.
Many sites are streaming free music from us, about 500 full downloads a day. These songs are doing quite well.
There is a growing trend for our mp3 urls to be embedded in peoples phones. Every time they listen it's a download from us. This trend is growing fast.. The trend to streaming music content is evident in our logs. Someday you won't actually download the music. It will be streamed by the content provider every time you play the song.
Here is a new song He Really Loves That Car or
Maybe there is a better life without cable Drop Out, Tune Out  Turn off by Phil Coyote.

Here is a new poem by Summer Breeze I'm Gonna Miss You When I'm Gone.
This is a cool pic.  Here is a new gallery, Gallery Eighteen,  More Abstract Shapes in Art
Ah someone new. Here are five poems by Richard Jay Shelton.
We now have Thinking of You
Here is our first Alzheimer's Poem and two more including Holding On by Linda Straub. We expect more from everywhere. A noble category.
If it's possible in Egypt it's possible elsewhere. Here is Cry Beloved Zimbabwe Freedom by Hasani Hasani

Read Messages in  Bottles in the Sea or just listen to the mp3
It's been a long time since we could enjoy a good drag up.
Speaking of Chicago poets, and viral hits how about Janet Kuypers with The One at the Mardi Gras
With honor to Chicago's great perfomance poets.
Read Wayne Jackson's Once  And be sure to listen to Once.mp3
To Chance Mp3

An After Death Experience for a smile or two
How about Rocky and Mr Big
Congrats to Dandelion de LaRue the winner of The Poet of the year 2010 at Moongate. Here is a reading of Dandelion de LaRue's We Are All Parades Here by Summer Music
Deafening Silence has been moving up in our music stats. Susan Mandel reads Bozo has also moved up to the top.  Read the words too as  Nobody Cares It's a hoot....Odd how the moments of despair can be so humorous later.

Oh yes baby, yet another I am the Wind thingy
Here is a new directory for poetry with music from Summer, our dear friend at

Anybody seen this painting? Sometimes they get away.

Here is a new poem These Poems. Ssh! The Trees are Whispering
How about playing Brooke.mp3 or Spanish Steel.mp3  by JC..I just dare wine, huh? Fine wine
Oh Please Please Don't Leave Me
One of our best folk songs is now a poem Don't Let Betty Lou Get Mad at You and
while we are at it here is It's Happening Right Here
Well......We're waiting.....there's nothing like a good cliche'......Why can't you be true
Well let's cheat with You're Hot by Joan Pond. Here is a poem called I Am a Window

Terri Obanion I Miss You.mp3  has become a staple on the internet!
Click to play as Terri Obanion reads more These Ribs Are Just Right ..with Andy Derryberry...awesome! also listen to Burn the Art.mp3 and Moulds

Here We Are Again. Come on..

Can you hear the Sound   how about Raining
Here is something for those who are dreaming of home
Sometimes it just works out like Didn't make it
Here is Fiddlerman

Is it true? Mebbe but who cares it's Mozart
Well, Art,  we are all a little crazy especially if we are Crazy About You
It could be better if you'd make up your mind.  It might work out like With Our Love
Aaaaaannd heeeeeeere's  Waiting
He was my Great Uncle Web...It fits!
How about one of our Autumn images
Here is a beautiful poem for next year,  Spring Blossoms
How's your karma? Try a What Shall I Wear
Maybe time for a Haunted Poet by Elisha Porat
Here is the PoemCat Purrs by Katie McAllister and our own little Schmutt makes it big in Ode To Every Dog  by Daisy Sidewinder
Restoring our archive brings a Big Mamma  by Ryan David Groves
Taylor Graham brings cat poem Domestic Cat . And while we are catting here is another cat haiku by Joan Pond, You Are a Moron. I like this cat drawing so much I made it a part of our front page. Cool, huh?
 Summer Breeze knows what the Artist Needs Red Paint
We proudly link to, and present publisher's Cj Laity's reading of I wanted Her to Cut the Flesh
Take the tour down memory lane, The covered bridge at Port Royal  (Now Gone)
Joan Pond, writing poetry for Artvilla since 1998,

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