Janet Kuypers’ “2017 Austin Rhythm Fire” 4 poem set 3/20/17 w/ improv jazz band

On March 20th, 2017, people got together at Southern Hospitality in Austin TX for a show to celebrate the spirit of Lonzell Haggary with an evening of mini-features, all potentially accompanied by an improv jazz band. Janet Kuypers was the final feature performance for the evening, where she performed poems reflecting different themes, including “Keeping a Record of Going Too Far”, “Yearning to Break Free”, “Entering the Lake of Fire” and “Only an Observer”.

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2017 Austin Rhythm Fire chapbook

    Before the show started she also released a chapbook of the poems included int his performance, and this chapbook “2017 Austin Rhythm Fire” is still available online even during her reading, so anyone could (and can) download as the chapbook as a PDF file for free any time.

Poems included in this performance:
Keeping a Record of Going Too Far
Yearning to Break Free
Entering the Lake of Fire
Only an Observer

We Were Poems

Can you tell me
can you tell me
oh brave one
can you tell me this sky
is blue for you,
the same blue for me.
This guy was always blue,
young girls
were always running in grand fashion
running into the arms of love.
I am neither wrong nor right.
You are neither there nor here,
not here at all.
I am not here at all,
We were poems,
poems written in the night,
poems written in the day,
poems written for you,
for me,
simply poems,
streams of thought leading to no thought, leading
to you, to me, to us,
to forever