Janet Kuypers’ 25+ minute Half Price Books poetry reading 2/1/17

Below are writing links and video links from February 1st 2017 (20170201), where Janet Kuypers was performing in Austin a 25 minute poetry Half Price Books poetry reading 2/1/17.

In this reading she read not only poems from 3 of the last features from Janet Kuypers in Chicago (“Journey” in Hyde Park, “Farewell Chicago” at Poetry’s “Love Letter”, and “Like a Lamb to the Slaughter” at the Gallery Cabaret), but also all of the “Exalted Love” show poems (that would be a separate show 2/4/17 at the Bahá’í Faith Center).

Below are video links and poem writing links to the live performance of poetry reading at Half Price Book 2/1/17 at Half Price Books in Austin.

[tubepress mode=’playlist’ playlistValue=’PLYa-AZK78_hpP18ueygy3aVItvVbFdUFE’ ]

Read the poems from the show:

old school and high-tech monuments
extinct on planet earth
Other Souls
Open Book
Mapping the Way to True Love
Years, Centuries, Eons
Zenith of the Night Sky
just one book