abortion poem by h. e. hasben

You win.
I concede.
You say it’s murder.
You win.
I concede.
Make it illegal.
I’ll carry a sign.
It’s first degree murder
for the young lady
the doctor.
They conspired to kill this
They planned a violent death
for this person,
It’s first degree murder.
No less.
It’s the gas chamber,
no less.
We said it was a full human being.
We didn’t say it was a partial human being.
I would hope that, if
a young lady and a doctor
conspired to murder me,
you would deliver the proper justice
for first degree murder.
We do like justice so much.
Justice has been outsourced to profit
makers who need to show growth.
So first degree murder for the
young lady, her sister,
and her boyfriend who
drove her there.
Anything less than the gas chamber
devalues the
fetus to
something less than a full human
being and we
lose our initial argument that it’s a person.
It is often the wrong choice,
but it’s either choice
or first degree