Ruins beneath an Old Oak Tree


Ruins beside a tree
Did they argue or sing
as they dug the root cellar,
as they made these bricks?
They lived their lives
beside this old oak.

I can hear their laughter,
the children calling to each other
as they ran beneath the limbs.
You have to be an old oak tree to remember the laugh,
to hear them run beneath you.

Someone has moved the pile and have built
a new house beside the tree now
pioneers of the internet
the cell phone
and they argue about the bricks
that built our country under that oak.
Is that hope I see in the distance,
old tree, or
a mirage of hope?

david michael jackson

The Sun Machine: Inside the Mind of David Bowie. Paul A Toth & Norman Ball

Take a walk inside the mind of David Bowie as he cross-examines his younger days. Rather than a documentary, this is an exploratory journey….a Specumentary based on research conducted by Norman Ball and directed by Paul A. Toth.

My bio: Paul A. Toth is the author of four novels, including his 9/11 based Airplane Novel (2011), noted by ​​USA Today as the 4th Best Independent Novel of 2011. His latest is Let’s Go Shopping, The War Is Over, a collection of his best short stories. He is also the founder and publisher of Eye Am Eye Books
Norman Ball FBP
NORMAN BALL (BA Political Science/Econ, Washington & Lee University; MBA, George Washington University) is a well-travelled Scots-American businessman, author and poet whose essays have appeared in Counterpunch, The Western Muslim and elsewhere. His new book “Between River and Rock: How I Resolved Television in Six Easy Payments” is available here. Two essay collections, “How Can We Make Your Power More Comfortable?” and “The Frantic Force” are spoken of here and here. His recent collection of poetry “Serpentrope” is published from White Violet Press.
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