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  • Barbara Crooker: poems from Slow Wreckage
    THEN The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.  William Faulkner Oak leaves stamped against a chicory skyswirled with clouds, like a marble I once hadand lost.  It’s probably still there, caught in a drypuddle, a tree root, or one of those cracked pavements of childhood that we walkedon going to school.  We roamed … Read more
  • Preacherman Don’t Care About My Soul No More | Song by David Michael Jackson
    Preacherman don’t care about my soul no more.He’s not knocking at my doorHe’s too busy getting out the voteto care about my soul care about my soul anymore He used to send the kids aroundwith a pamplet and a smileNow they’re not here, they’re downtown.My soul’s been lonely for awhileMy soul’s been lonely for … Read more
  • Detours Poem by Ralph Monday
    Detours Rounding the curve, halted by the SUV’semergency blinkers winking like someDis tower, I fell obediently in line as afirst grader in the cafeteria. Head on collision, the officer said,before directing me to the detourahead. Passing the crumpled car,front shoved in like a monkey playingaccordion, I noticed the blanket coveredform loaded like a cord of … Read more
  • Hollywood Woman A Poem by Sara L Russell 18th March 2023
    She has had an illustrious lifestyleand many well-earned accolades;donates to some causes quite worthwhileshe has gongs and awards now, in spades. Her mansion’s been featured in Tatlerin Mode Avantgarde and OK;She’s been called a trooper and a battlerand she always has plenty to say. But her face is a bone of contentionit is fixed in … Read more

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