Janet Kuypers’ 9/2/17 “Energy with poetry and Music” Austin Baha’i Center show

    On September 2nd 2017 (9/2/17, or 20170902), Janet Kuypers (with accompanying electric guitar by John) performed in an Austin poetry feature through Expressions Poetry with Music! at Austin’s the Bahá’í Center that incorporated poetry into music, in a show titled “Energy with poetry and Music” (that is also available in the “Energy with poetry and Music chapbook”.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list= PLYa-AZK78_hrW9JjlntDfjLTKt31pVAYO

Read the poems and songs from the from the “Energy with poetry and Music” show:

There I Sit
Tight Top Affair
Knew I Had to be Ready
Writing Your Name”; and song
What We Need In Life

Download the chapbook:

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I Am Not Clay | Poem

Wood Fired Pottery Sculpture
Wood Fired Pottery Sculpture by Kaitlin Savage Ceramics by Kaitlin Savage


I am not clay

I am a fired pot

I cannot be molded

I can only be cherished,



or broken.