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  • Singularity Poem by David Jackson
    Trillions of galaxies and each one unique, all filled with solar systems and each one unique. Every single person is different, unique, every rock, every bird, every one of us everything in the
  • Melcome | Poem by Jessica Skyfield
    Melcome to my echo chamber. I’m having fun, (right now). And that’s what it’s all about, right? Now. Behold the meaningless rantings of a mad(whoa)man. Sliding slipping sagging as time warps and wears picking up speed on the downhill slide. Infinite neural networks these/those/them/there/their/they’re sliding glass doors shut but I can still see back through; … Read more…
  • About That First Love and other Poems by John Grey
    ABOUT THAT FIRST LOVE It did not feel like they had told me. Less emotional, more like somebody gifting me a brand new red sports car. Hormones, I barely understood. But horsepower was a cinch. I didn’t lose my heart. It was more a great flap in my head. And it wasn’t war of course. … Read more…
  • The New World Order | Poem by Ray Miller
    The holiday romance is wintering in the blankets of her bestest buddy. There’s an empty ring in the silver tin, and candles light the depths of her study, where she’s practising pole dancing and  TEFL;   she’ll throw a dart in a part of the globe and chase the arrow for some precious metal while … Read more…

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