The Velut Luna Poems by Jessica Skyfield

Particles accelerate

Never losing mass.

Never losing energy.

Cold fusion brilliance,

created in a fog of clarity.

Energy illuminated.


Pounds of stardust

traded for an ounce of perspective.

We all love amusement parks.

Dizzy and delirious,

parked permanently on the ride.
Dust to dust
We’re made of stars

disparate and dissonant.

Day by day

doubt festers,

fenestrations of fear.

And we damn deities,

dredge demons.

Cosmological chaos.

Inherent ideological clashes

birthed from cultural constructs.

Idiomatic onslaught,

shaped by societal mores,

moored by millennia.

Nihil sumus.
Velut luna
Spin the wheel

Velut luna

Fortune favors the bold

Tried and true, trite and true.

Therein lies the rub.

Squeezing our infinitesimal selves into the lens

of a long-forgotten dream.

All roads lead you home.

That’s as unconditional as it gets.
Sometimes I forget to breathe.

Creating a vacuum seal of self.

Presenting that self to the world: an unwilling taciturn tacticality.

The perceived enormity of our individual selves

Lost to the ether.

Lacking time.

Creating space.

Relativistic Infinity
Effusive energy

Silent fusion

Dominos without end

A self-made loop

A louped glance,


Golly gee. Great.

Gutted by greed,

Gouge our evil eyes,

And hollow hearts.

Our irrational ears.

As we fester in finite fallacy.
where to start?

where to begin?

“We need an outline.”

Oh? Oh.

Of my life. Of the complication.

The words swirl in a torrential hurricane inside.

How to order chaos?

“Of course.”

It’s only a matter of course.

is currently a teacher. She has been a scientist, a mother, will always be a student, and worn other hats, too. Her poems seek to bring light to our struggle with our awareness of our humanity: the juxtaposition of the smallness of ourselves when viewed universally and yet the huge impact of each of our actions, as well as the infinitely compounding fact that our individual perception is (our, only known) reality.
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