NO MORE VIEW. A Poem by Bradford Middleton

My old view was an inspiration behind many of the old words
But now that has gone and here I don’t even have a window to look out of
Not one that looks out on the street anyway
Well this means I’ve nothing to gaze out at or
Get annoyed about
The long-lost screaming of hen parties has gone
And no longer do I have to look at hipsters
Out convinced their having their postmodernist fun
But also no view means
I only see beauties now when I’m out on the street
And this place despite the distant
Roar of seagulls presents no view of the sea
Which means it’ll be impossible for me to start any poem
With the words ‘I stare out at sea’
And with that gone I’m not sure what
There will be left to write about.

Bradford Middleton was born in London in 1971 but eventually found himself in Brighton in 2007 and began writing. Since then he has over 250 unique publications, including a novel from New Pulp Press and a couple of poetry chapbooks from Crisis Chronicles Press and Holy & Intoxicated Press. His work is dotted all over the internet and in several magazines and journals. He tweets occasionally @beatnikbraduk and is on facebook at bradfordmiddleton1.

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