A Frog in the Bucket Thickens the Milk. A Poem by Robin Ouzman Hislop


What rhymes with lust
must, dust rhyme with lust
a wiggle, giggle, wriggle, a curl
stiletto – pain – signal
sign on for normalcy
on the street guys, dolls
Day after estrus, more than a scramble
a shambles, at home.
After the ball is over
our glorious swan song, seventy years on
is this the end of beginning or the beginning of the end
nightmares are here to help us
what’s the difference between, side show
or, slide show
it’s pointless to argue the point
Back to time
there’s no curtains for time
the show must go on.
After the ball is over, seventy years on
twenty fifteen
there’s no more winners
homage either to birds or worms
jump through the hoop into gorilla sky
bow down before the great strife
Sizzling bite gulp fizzy sprinkle scrumptious
peckish hot tasty pour butty lovely kitchens
frothy bubbly chunky plenty thick bangers
juicy dunk slurp – duh, Wilko

Coming soon – Day of the Jelly Baby
after the dust of war
has settled, change must
still we see the day
from star dust to eyes from ancient clay
the smell of lust, spawned in the dust.
A frog in the bucket thickens the milk.

About Author:
Robin Ouzman Hislop Editor of the 12 year running on line monthly poetry journal. Poetry Life and Times. Previously edited by Sara Russell who is now Editor of the sister paper li Poetry Lifetimes. In 2013 he joined with Dave Jackson Editor/Admin as Co Editor at Artvilla.com.
He now Edits both Facebook Pages PoetryLifeTimes and Artvilla.com as extensions of the Blog Sites at Artvilla.com.
He’s been previously published in a variety of international magazines, where recent publications include Voices without Borders Volume 1 (USA), Cold Mountain Review, Appalachian University N Carolina,The Poetic Bond Volumes The Poetic Bond and Phoenix Rising from the Ashes a recently published Anthology of Sonnets: Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. Submittals may be sent to robin@artvilla.com or editor@artvilla.com Please refer to our submittal guidelines at either of the sites.

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