World by the Arse (A Sermon).Poem.Karen Springer.


–and they certainly do!
Now listen up,
I did not say “ass”
so this isn’t a vulgar poem
but we are talking
an ancestral home
(O.K., thirty-eight years
is close enough)
almost totally rehabbed,
hers and his caddies
with matching vanity plates
(Yes, there IS a doctor
in the house.
“What kind?” folks ask.
Who the hell cares
besides other insecure doctors?)

Moving along,
Social security is their pin money
And, you’re right,
their place at the shore
is in the cheap seats
but it’s on the water,
in the woods
and twenty years paid for.
The unintelligent and lazy
are wary of them.
Still, they are admired
by reasonable, hardworking individuals
because they are the validation
of what is fair and good.

Indeed, they are
a fine and generous couple.
Her weaknesses
are his strengths
and, of course,
vice versa.

For so many years
they struggled
through the vagaries
of her semi-profitable career,
hung in there
when the stock market
went ever so way down
took, and are taking, care of their
senile old moms,
(and ten stray cats)
as they
secularly humanistically
hug trees
and subscribe to
Mother Earth.

You bet,
those sweet bastards
have a tight hold on
the glutei maximi
of our great planet
and they deserve
that firm, unrelenting grip.
Amen, my friends.

Karen R. Springer


Karen has been writing poetry since the age of ten. She has three, as to date, unpublished anthologies:
101 Speakings of the Giddy Gypsy, High Noon and My Pistol’s Smoking, and Getting There.
Much of her energy for the past forty years has been devoted to her career as an administrator in
several southern New Jersey school districts where she served as superintendent and/ or principal.
Her degrees include a BA and MAT in Music; as well as an MA and Ed.D in Public School Administration.

After her formal “retirement” from public education, Dr. Springer served as Senior Director of Academic Affairs at thecollege level, an award winning after school/summer administrator in an urban setting; as well as Head Master of a private school. She is currently an education consultant who lives happily with her husband of 41 years. They both enjoy their rustic summer home in the woods at the Jersey shore. She also loves going to the opera; as well as singing it. Karen has recorded a CD of her original song entitled, “Bipolar, Brite, and Blue”.

This feisty lady summarizes herself in the opening quatrain of her poem, “The Good Ol’ Girl”:

I’m just a simple good ol’ girl
who drinks her coffee black
Sips scotch as strong as iodine
and drives a Cadillac.

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