Killing the Tigers. Poem. RC de Winter


there are not many
like me left in the world
fierce loners
wishing only to be
free to live the life
we are meant for

not long ago
we roamed
scorned by some
ignored by most
but free - free!
wandering at will
on the periphery
of homogenization
able to live
by our talents
and our wits

then quietly
the roundup began
the truthtellers
first followed by
the crazy the poor
the sick the old
and all the others
who could not be cogged
into the great machine
built by the
worldwide worshipers
of mammon

my glorious fur
matted and dull
from being confined
in this small space
(prescripted by
bureaucratic souls
in bespoke costumes
paid for in blood
sucked from slaves)
with ragged claws
i tear at invisible bars
that separate me
from my natural terrain

if i were free to find
the empire poachers
who boxed me up
it would be
a fierce quick end
for those abductors

but dawn comes
and with it
great gray tumbrels
to carry us

useless scribblers and daubers
dangerous malcontents
prophets and nonbelievers

© 2013 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved


RC deWinter is a photographer, digital artist, poet, essayist and singer-songwriter currently living and working in Haddam, Connecticut. She has been shooting photos for over 25 years, using both traditional and digital SLR equipment. Her digital work is created using a variety of software and includes oil paintings, watercolor sketches and drawings.

Her work has appeared in print, notably in Uno: A Poetry Anthology, Pink Panther Magazine, Arts Creation Magazine, The Sun Magazine,2River View, Poetry Nook, Garden Tripod and The American Muse as well as in many online publications.

In additionto her personal online portfolios, Ms. deWinter’s art is exhibited on of several internet-based showcases, including The Trillium Gallery, Saatchi Online, ARTbracket, The Art for Cancer Gallery, Copperflame Gallery, b-uncut and Artists, Writers and Photographers in the Raw. ABC has licensed several of her paintings to be used as set decor on the television series Desperate Housewives.

Ms. deWinter is honored to be the first digital artist invited to exhibit her work at an October 2011 solo show the Arts of Tolland Gallery in Tolland, Connecticut.