The Hidden Drop. A Poem by Benedict Downing.

Ants may bite, they climb and fill
rooms, the walls may have the stains of the flood,
the mattress naked without sheets,
hatchet hacked our phones,
the leftovers sit there on the plate,
choices on the straight dead end road,
cinders sit on our head , paint your mind
on the arrow to follow, juggle and balance,
meet their small hands, the red dresses,
we sit on a bench, not facing each other,
put on the shoes, walk on water,
fix her hair in a braid,
the handstand to wear as a pendant,
our masks to fix on our heads,
her dress wears the image, the salt shaker
rusty with use, the diffused memories
erase in the background.

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Author bio:
Benedict Downing has written fiction, poetry since his adolescence. He joined local community reading circles, workshops, college literary groups, and ventured into his own. Has published fiction and poetry in literary magazines and journals. He is currently working in his second novel.
There are two published books written by Mr Downing. A poetry book “Sidereal Reflux” (2011) and a novel “Epicrisis” (2014).

ISBN-13: 978-1499783056 Sidereal Reflux (Poetry)
ISBN-13: 978-1499774993 Epicrisis (Novel)
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