The Glue That Holds Us to the Canvas. A Poem by Jim Dunlap.


                                                     Jim Dunlap Author


Like sparks trailing

 from a million, billion fireflies,

 a single thought

 limns a trillion suns.


 From the first small bonfire

 flickering across four million years,

 whose light imprints itself

 upon the canvas backdrop

 of a feckless, barely cohesive Infinity,

 the matter of man, no more than

 the past, transmogrifies the future —

 denies the import of “real” or “black”

 or any other type of matter.


 Yet existing, it defines the local locus

 Of now and when and how and then.


 The freezing cold of space

 burns like energy

 backfiring on itself.


 celestial lightshows

 flare across parsecs

 of near emptiness.


 Liquid oxygen fuels

 the laboring lungs

 of multitudes,

 singing out the music of the spheres,

 maestros of a trillion symphonies,

 platelets in the lifeblood of the Universe.


 Like a Coriolis wave that imprints itself

 upon a formless sandstorm,

 a thought burns itself

 into the very fabric

 of Eternity,

 opens like

 a budding flower,

 and initiates

 its own realities.


Jim Dunlap’s poetry has been published extensively in print and online in the United States, England, France, India, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand. His work has appeared in over 90 publications, including Potpourri, Candelabrum, Mobius, Poems Niedernasse, and the Paris/Atlantic. He was the co-editor of Sonnetto Poesia and is currently a Content Admin for Poetry Life & Times. He is also the chief proofreader for the On Viewless Wings Anthologies, published out of Queensland, Australia. In the past, he was a resident poet on Poetry Life & Times and the newsletter editor for seven years with the Des Moines Area Writers’ Network.

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