MARGUERITE (by Rubén Darío; translated by William Ruleman)

(by Rubén Darío; translated by William Ruleman)
Remember how you longed to be a Marguerite
Gautier? Burned on my brain, the strangeness of your face
On that first date when we went out to eat:
Light-hearted night with none thereafter to take its place.
Your lips, smeared scarlet with a crude lipstick replete
With purple, sipped champagne with exquisite grace
From finest crystal while you plucked a . . . yes, marguerite:
“He loves me, he loves me not . . .” You knew quite well the case.
And then, hysterical flower, how you laughed and cried:
Those laughs, your scents, your moans—ah, they were all for me!
Your kisses and your tears seemed on my mouth to stay.
And one sad afternoon when days were sweet, you died.
To see if you loved me, Death, in his jealousy,
Plucked you, like a marguerite of love, away!
(Rubén Darío)
¿Recuerdas que querías ser una Margarita
Gautier? Fijo en mi mente tu extraño rostro está,
cuando cenamos juntos, en la primera cita,
en una noche alegre que nunca volverá.
Tus labios escarlatas de púrpura maldita
sorbían el champaña del fino baccarat;
tus dedos deshojaban la blanca margarita,
«Sí… no… sí… no…» ¡y sabías que te adoraba ya!
Después, ¡oh flor de Histeria! llorabas y reías;
tus besos y tus lágrimas tuve en mi boca yo;
tus risas, tus fragancias, tus quejas, eran mías.
Y en una tarde triste de los más dulces días,
la Muerte, la celosa, por ver si me querías,
¡como a una margarita de amor, te deshojó!
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BIO: William Ruleman’s poems and translations have appeared in many journals, including AALitra Review, Ezra, The Galway Review, The New English Review, The Pennsylvania Review, The Recusant, Rubies in the Darkness, The Sonnet Scroll, and Trinacria. His books include two collections of his own poems (A Palpable Presence and Sacred and Profane Loves, both from Feather Books), as well as translations of poems from Rilke’s Neue Gedichte (WillHall Books, 2003), of Stefan Zweig’s fiction in Vienna Spring: Early Novellas and Stories (Ariadne Press, 2010), of prose and poems by Zweig in A Girl and the Weather (Cedar Springs Books, 2014), and of poems by the German Romantics in Verse for the Journey: Poems on the Wandering Life (also from Cedar Springs Books). He is Professor of English at Tennessee Wesleyan College.LINK to William Ruleman’s Blog:
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Purple Haze. Poem. Candice James

Purple Haze purports to describe “nondescript days” but that’s just a poetic haze that subtly brings the reader to this poetry’s real clarity, which is its ability to pose questions. These poems situate the “I/You” of the lyric’s spoken voice in a passionate, sometimes erotic, interrogation of imagination and feeling that is looking for answers. The echo is palpable while Candice James sings “‘Scuze me” while I write these poems.
~ Fred Wah, Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate 2011-2013
Appointed Officer of The Order of Canada 2013. Editor’s Note. Press Picture to Enlarge Photographic Text.

Purple Haze poetograph

Through the deep purple haze
Of non-descript days
I wander aimlessly
Through the hard edged corners
Of a compromised sky.
I spiral and spin
The shimmering core
Of an indigo sun.
I become invisible
In the deep purple haze
Of these non-descript days.
Emerging in blurs,
Smudges and tears
On a universe crying,
A broken heart dying,
The purple haze tightens
Like a noose.
I lay fallen and wounded
Beneath an indigo sun.
Thirsting for your touch,
Denigrated by lost love,
I fade into the folds of the haze.
You are the ghost of my past.
I am the vessel you haunt
As the deep purple haze
Of my non-descript days
Dissolves in the tears
Of an indigo sun
Spinning dark,
© 2014 Candice James
Candice James was born in New Westminster, BC and is a poet, artist, musician, and singer/songwriter, She is currently serving her second three year term as Poet Laureate of the City of New Westminster.
President of Royal City Literary Arts Society
Advisory Board Member Muse International (India)
Past President of the Federation of BC Writers
Author of 8 poetry books:
“A Split In The Water”;
“Inner Heart – a journey”;
“Bridges and Clouds”;
“Midnight Embers – a Book of Sonnets”
“Shorelines” – a book of villanelles”
“Ekphrasticism – Painted Words”
“Purple Haze”
“A Silence of Echoes”
Awards Received
Writers International Network “Distinguished Poet 2013”
Pentasi B – Phillippines “Woman of Prestige 2013”
Honorary Professor International Academy of Arts (Greece)
Keynote speaker/panelist at
“Word On The Street” Vancouver, BC
“Black Dot Roots Cultural Collective” Vancouver, BC
“Write On The Beach” White Rock, BC
“Writers’ Etc” Los Angeles, CA

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