There I Sat at Copper’s Point. Poem. Eric Mellen

Lighthouse 2





There I sat at Copper’s Point

 My head lowered between my tattered brown britches’ knees.

 My shift was over, (barefoot) watching that lonely lighthouse,

 sandy beige, the same color as my beach hat,

 and then, on the windiest day in September,


I remembered.

Zoo.  A delicately conscientious zookeeper’s assistant,

those sunny days, wild you could say.

I ran from cage to cage, feeding–


tigers, orangutans, monarch butterflies,

all waiting for the feast

and treats

which they got.


The team of cheerleaders,

the mist-machines cooled

their cheery faces, sweaty

and sentimentally proportioned.


I once gave a rose to one

but was shot down.


A thousand thoughts collected into one emotion:

that disparaged rejection.

I knew it only too well.



The hell, sometimes grieving

sometimes relieving me of the boy

I was meant to be.

And then, there she was.


was her name, and no rose for her,

not yet anyway.

This time a cool chat

relieving me of my duties.


I could go into detail.

But suffice it to say,

all the animals reveled in harmony

with me

that day.



Our love–

oh, the romantics would not have thought

of a more eloquent combination of words to describe it.


She died yesterday,

And now I reside in this lighthouse

where we stood alone, and outside the window

I cast a view

and recognize

the “Blue” that is everywhere around me.


Bio:  Eric Mellen is a young freelance writer who currently writes poems and short stories.  He has been published by Nostrovia! poetry and is currently pursuing multiple publishing opportunities.  When he is not writing,  he is studying to under the psychology curriculum, and plans to one day become a clinical psychologist.


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