Spectre. Poem. Sara L. Russell

 7th January 2013 02:04am

Like a child who fell through the cracks in welfare
like a doll falling through a pit in a nightmare
I am reeling in time and space like a lost satellite;
drawn closer and closer to a swallowing void of dark matter

I am hopeless, futureless and desolate; abandoned in time,
No-one reaches out to catch my hand in the darkness,
Silence screams like tinnitis in the chasm of space
time lurches on and I am immobile

I am lost and broken like a shattering of dreams
like a smattering of blood, a withering of roses
there is no hope in me, there is no future, not even death;
only the beckoning  spectre of age, that makes caricatures of us all.


AKA @pinkyandrexa Poet, Artist, Cartoonist, Goth, Time Traveller. Friend of cats everywhere. Former Editor of Poetry Life & Times. Founder of http://thevideopoets.ning.com/ … See also http://creativethinkersintl.ning.com/profile/SaraLouiseRussell plus over a million poetry links online.


Sara Louise Russell , whose internet name is “PinkyAndrexa”, is a UK poet who has earned a well-deserved reputation as a highly respected twenty-first century poetry publisher and poet. She was the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Poetry Life & Times, one of the world’s premier poetry E-zines, which ran monthly from 1998-2006 under her tutelage. She has always been in on the scene with graphic design, animation, 3D art, web design, sign writing, photography, film and poetry recital videos. Sara is founder and current editor of Paper Li.  Poetry Lifetimes and the online  Ning network The Video Poets. Her poetry has been published in Artvilla, AuthorsDen, Hello Poetry, The New Pleiades Anthology of Poetry (Describe Adonis Press, Ottawa, © 2005), Sonnetto Poesia, Word Machinist and more, as well as in several e-books by Kedco Studios Inc. (USA). Her skills as a sonneteer are particularly remarkable.




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