Rust. A Poem by E Darcy Trie

we sat in a broken circle
while you rested on my knees
and i painted suns on your eyelids
because you were afraid
of the dark
and the lost people
inside you
and you believed in my brushes
and i believed in your excuses
and together we watched
that big ball of orange
sinking quietly below the trees
i unbutton you
and revealed little things
an opened mouth
the silk hiss of a shirt
these portents found
in the crossroads of
your clavicle
turned my hands kind and blue
our white spaces
fill with the jewel of our voices
rising like the smoke of spines
and line with the amethyst bursts
clustering above gray ceilings
this morning
the train tracks of your veins
lead both in and
while the platform of my chest
can only stay
hostage to the yellow
i touch the bone points
beating upon night’s black tissue
but once poked under
these fingertips
gather the carnations of
your breath and neck
rubbed red as my silence
i still feel
the pastels of the past
the ecru of knee
copper august skin
the gold token
of your throat
the echo
of paper
i have only
these hues and salt water
as my weapons
and i no longer
believe in circles and dyes
but i know
i once seeped into your eyes
and may my colors
now rust within you

Darcy Trie-1
Darcy was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1975, E. Darcy Trie is a Scorpio, Rabbit and matriculated in Little Rock, Arkansas at the age of two. She graduated at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a B.A. in Psychology along with Minors in Drama and Asian Studies. Sensing that achieving her Masters would drive her to drink, she wisely opted to tour Asia in her early twenties (thanks to a grant provided by Bank Of Daddy), and in the year 2000, found herself in the heart of Beijing, China where she began writing due to the fact that crocheting was far too complicated and because the voices in her head would not shut up.
By 2004, she had completed two romances, one historical and one modern, and after viewing all nine seasons of the X-Files and three seasons of C.S.I, finished the first two series of the Snow novels and is currently writing the third installment. During this time, she has also had several pieces of her poetry published in various online poetry magazines.
Her passions and hobbies includes writing, reading (anything put out by Neil Gaiman), Disney movies, all divination tools such as Tarot, I-Ching, Runes and is an enthusiastic, although albeit amateur, astrologist/paranormal investigator. She is 5’10, weighs whatever she wrote on her driver’s license, owns a lot of black hoodies and is addicted to It’s A Grind’s Passion Fruit tea.
She is fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, some French and once took a Zero Hour in Greek in high school. She hates mornings, coconuts, wire bras, and sincerely hopes that this is bio is long enough to fill up an entire page (doubled-space of course).
Ms. Trie currently lives in Las Vegas, NV because she adores $2.99 buffets, Paigow Poker, and that lovely 116 degree August weather. She dreams of writing best-selling novels that will delight and thrill her future fans and because she is tired of being a productive citizen and wants to go back to being a mooching hermit.
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