Ruins After Math. Poem by Tess Durkin

Ruins After Math*
One thinks of numbers,

of thousands beneath each wane.

blowing candles,

each flicker of light

under ground …

broken and torn

in an hourglass …

Editors Note: This poem was contributed by Jim Dunlap(see categories)on behalf of Tess Durkin.
Teresa Durkin photo courtesy of Jim Dunlap
Tess Durkin is a member of the Iowa Poets Association (2010-2011), and the Second Saturday Poets Society 2010-2014. Poetry Coordinator of Iowa Poets for Dart Buses and Poetry reading at Des Moines , Iowa, Main Library (2012), Coordinator for Poets and Edges of Iowa for the John Heizman Book Store and Beaverdale Books in Beaverdale and Valley Junction, both in Des Moines, IA., coordinator of poetry and plays for National Poetry Month, an annual venue for poets both national and international (now defunct) where poets such as Sharon Olds and many others came to read their poetry. and for poems presented by various businesses in Des Moines.
Tess obviously lives in Des Moines, IA in the United States. Her native language is not English, but she only writes in English.

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