Navigator. A Poem by Wanda Lea Brayton in Memory of Darcy Trie.

.your shining almond eyes
consumed every peach in the orchard
without ever bending a bough
everything you’d ever need
fell gently into your hands
curled contented at your feet
lingered long within your heart
sunrise caught you wide awake and dreaming
moonlight streamed through your fingers
creating beauty from an empty page
warm currents surrounded you
summoning your seductive smile
wind and water reaching
for your inevitable shores
you were your own planet
discovering unknown galaxies
we were your satellites
drifting in apogee
tossing starseeds at us
you’d laugh
a solemn memory still resonant
within this wilderness
boldly echoing throughout day’s eternity
murmuring deep inside this infinity of night
a delightful song in the making
a brilliant story still waiting to be told
Editor’s Note Nicole Hanna, Darcy’s friend since high school (23 years), developed a website for Darcy’s poems, short stories and novels – here is the link for it:
This further link gives access to her own poetry site & the date of her birth and death as October 1975 – January 2016.
In the words of Wanda lea Brayton: Again, thank you for your request and thank you for wanting to pay tribute to one of the finest poetic minds I’ve encountered in my 57 years on this planet. I could always count on Darcy (onerios13) to provide me with inspiration and enlightenment. I’ve known her since 2004 and she became a very dear friend of mine; she is deeply missed by many others, as well. I believe we’ll be seeing each other again one fine day and will recognize ourselves as kindred spirits, just as we did in this lifetime. I have also started a list to add poems written for her by others and contests held in tribute for her; here’s the link for it, if you’re interested. I’m adding to it as I find them.
Wanda Lea Brayton after wedding
Wanda Lea Brayton is a lifelong scholar, a prolific poet and a former college librarian who has been writing poetry since 1973 and columns since 2004. She’s done extensive editorial work and has assisted others with editing, compiling and promoting their own manuscripts. She married a brilliant writer in April 2009; they’ve disproved the theory that two artists cannot live together in harmony, let alone with only one computer between them. Her poems have been published by Clackamas Literary Review, Main Street Rag, World Poetry, Hudson View Poetry Digest, The Pedestal Magazine, Poetry Life & Times, Oak Bend Review, Aquillrelle, Stone Voices and other anthologies. She is a featured poet on a number of websites. A large volume of her poetry is available, titled “The Echo of What Remains Collected Poems of Wanda Lea Brayton”.
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Book: “The Echo of What Remains Collected Poems of Wanda Lea Brayton”
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