In Dreams… A Poem by Sullivan the Poet

Oh! Soft corruption, sweet decay,
to cloying soil my bones forsake;
Bid time slow eat my flesh away,
its‟ juices flown, cold stone to slake;
When form and figure all are gone…
My heart, set free, in dreams goes on.
Spare me your grief, your laden tears,
not for my soul your gods entreat;
Nor stoop backed burden of more years,
left still to run on crippled feet;
As must soil heaps my head upon…
My heart, set free, in dreams goes on.
Call loud my sins, misdeeds proclaim,
paint black each trespass on my soul;
Each evil done attach my name,
pile high each spot like ebon coal;
Cold, cleansing, flows my Rubicon…
My heart, set free, in dreams goes on.
Taint not my corpse with men of God,
let not stale absolution drip;
Or pious words corrupt the sod,
from bloodless, sanctimonious lip;
Men‟s prayers, like echoes, soon are gone…
My heart, set free, in dreams goes on.
No maudlin hymn above me raise,
chain not that anchor to my shade;
Dare not in my name deaf gods praise,
I worship not what man has made;
When last my bones death‟s shroud must don…
My heart, set free, in dreams goes on.
Speak not o’er me of journey’s end,
nor rest, nor peace, nor setting sun;
Nor soft, to paradise pretend,
but loud of travels just begun;
Till wraiths we each embrace anon…
My heart, set free, in dreams goes on.
Garb not my tomb with polished stone,
pale markers non my grave adorn;
As free man, naked, and alone,
permit me part as I was born;
For in each life it touched upon…
My heart, set free, in dreams goes on…

© Sullivan the Poet 2008
In Dreams…’is an excerpt from:
In A Mirror Darkly..
Published by Sullivan Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9568876-3-4
Copyright: © Sullivan the Poet
Printed in the USA by

The Poet Sullivan


BIO:Sullivan The Poet
Born a British subject of an English mother and Irish catholic father in the late January of 53; Sullivan spent his early years with his family in the Far East. Returning with his parents to England in the late fifties where he was subsequently educated.
Thereafter pursuing what could perhaps be best described as a broadly colourful career; with callings as diverse as gun dealer and consultant, freelance journalist, magazine editor, commercial photographer, publican, fleet limousine operator, lecturer and an unpaid ‘Special Needs’ tutor: To name but a few – even a brief spell under the flag enjoying the Queen’s shilling!
Throughout which the only truly common thread has been his writing, an enduring passion never completely abandoned; fuelled by his lifelong fascination with not only the beauty of the English language and its literature in general, but the richness and diversity of its poetry in particular. A fascination well illustrated in the almost perverse multiplicity of styles and subject matter contained within this slim volume and others…
Widely published in mediums as eclectic as his work, from poetry anthologies to text books; wall hangings and mixed media fine art works: Sullivan is seemingly content to share, with anyone and everyone, and in whatever poetic medium takes his fancy; his works, his philosophies, his passions…
Dave ‘Hoppy’ Bennett

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