CRAVING REST. A Poem by Bradford Middleton.


At work again and craving sleep and
A change in this life, two hundred and eleven hours
To go until freedom is mine
With a move around the corner
Is surely big enough right now but
My eyes look to the future and where
I’ll be spending the rest of my life
Who knows where that will be as
Not even I have one clue as to where
I will land but this year is certainly
Going to be a challenge as again
Job searches begin whilst finding places
That is within my meagre means and the
Sad realisation the answer, still, ain’t much

Bradford Middleton was born in London in 1971 but eventually found himself in Brighton in 2007 and began writing. Since then he has over 250 unique publications, including a novel from New Pulp Press and a couple of poetry chapbooks from Crisis Chronicles Press and Holy & Intoxicated Press. His work is dotted all over the internet and in several magazines and journals. He tweets occasionally @beatnikbraduk and is on facebook at bradfordmiddleton1.

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