“How Dali Painted Us” Poem by Ty Drescher


I turned my back, defeated,
destroyed, cold-shouldered
and colder-hearted.
In solace my broken pieces returned
to a “puzzled” whole, locking itself
inside the safe of my chest (its code
lost in translation between sciences
of language and mathematics)
— like a thought, understood
but impossible to articulate
(maybe for a good reason).
You crack the combination;
a virus changes DNA,
slithering up spiral ladders
where clarity confronts obscurity.
Should I self-diagnose cancer?
Or is your etching into my identity
the continuum, the upgrade?
Your wit has taken over me.
So far I’m the best game you’ve played
but I’m getting brave, I took you out;
it’s my turn to swing (pitch it fast)
— lips to lips, make this moment last,
fire’s ablaze, blasting frozen past.
I melt like my soul’s the most
persistent of time,
my mind’s liquefied over the wishing
that someday your heart will be mine —
knees on concrete to propose,
could anyone really want me
for eternity?
And how did you feather hope
from ashes?
My Imagination takes flight
with that very phoenix.
Thoughts spin-spin
like a fast-ticking clock,
zooms through space,
then it brakes, halts,
stopped at the wall:
I’m studying your face,
mesmerized by those eyes
as we stand in line
for a haunted house
— yet the true fear is you
reeling me into your arms
and I smile, as bubbly
as wielded glass lava.
(But I like how you shape
without changing me.)
Ty Drescher
Tyler Drescher (commonly known as “Ty”) is an aspiring entrepreneur, full-time co-manager of a local pizzeria and part-time student at Daytona State College, residing in the eastern suburbs of Orlando. Despite busyness, Ty finds time to write, his style a mix of “slice of life” and metaphor with a surreal touch. Although he writes mostly poetry, at heart he hopes to compose a novel for publication someday, exploring themes such as action-adventure, science-fiction and dystopian future. Along with writing, he enjoys playing and watching soccer and going to the gym after work. Born February 27th in 1992, he is 22 years young, still learning the ropes of adulthood, identity a work in progress. Ty hopes to be a great leader of his own business (likely in the food industry) and, at the same time, hopes to inspire others through his writing.
If you would like to get in touch with Ty Drescher:
E-mail: tydrescher@gmail.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ty.drescher
Poetry: http://allpoetry.com/mica

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