Poem by Alok Mishra

strange courses
and cobwebs of mirage,
once you come
seldom you escape!”

Alok Mishra
Alok Mishra, 24, is a poet, author and Editor-in-Chief at Ashvamegh International Journal of academic and creative writing. He has authored a book, Being in Love, that brings in light the crime of honour killings in India. Alok is preparing his first poetry anthology to be published in 2016. Himself a poet, Alok has interviewed many poets and authors from India and other countries. Some of them are Abhay K, popular Indian poet, Kevin Kiely, reputed poet and versatile literary figure from Ireland and Murray Alfredson. Alok also writes on his blog about writing, editing and general topics. He is interested in politics, philosophy and social issues.
The websites:
Alok Mishra, personal website: http://alok-mishra.net
Ashvamegh International Journal: http://ashvamegh.net


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