1. Poem Trees | Dream Resume. A Poem by Prabhu Iyer

He lives in his farm house by the hills, his
quiet life of contentment, seeking, creating, 
discovering; Oh he’s a scientist, and 
he grafts his poem trees; Beautiful plumes do 
they grow for flowers, which fly out eastward
every morning; Well now he does, the sweet
fruit of these: eat poems to live? Silencing
those who asked him once; Oh and some of his 
plants can talk: beyond our hearing, ultrasound. 
Don’t we carry venoms of hatred in
metal tubes crossing our hearts, conveying
darkness across seas? These poem trees, talking,
can see through. And tell, when some leaks, causing 
fires, and deaths in a school or train station. 
Quiet life of contentment, seeking, creating,
discovering; Living in his farm house 
by the hills. Find his work at http://dreamtube.stream

Notes: Dream resume is a surrealist technique where the protagonist’s ‘achievements’ in the lucid-reality world of dreams are revealed, mixing elements of the real with the surreal. The word construction ‘poem trees’ is due to Sheri Lynn Pritchett, @poemtrees

Educated in India and England, Prabhu Iyer writes contemporary rhythm poetry. He counts the classical Romantics and Mystics among his influences. Among modern poets Neruda and Tagore are his favourites for their haunting and inspirational lyrical verse. Prabhu has also explored the meaning of modern art movements such as surrealism and cubism and their role in anchoring the society through his art-poetry. Currently he is based out of Chennai, India, where he has a day job as an academic scientist.
In 2012 Prabhu collected over 50 of his poems and self-published them on Amazon Kindle:http://amzn.com/e/B008F8M0JS More recently, his 2014 entry made it to the long list from among over 5000 entrants to the annual international poetry contest conducted by the UK-based publishing house, Erbacce Press. Some of Prabhu’s poems are at http://hellopoetry.com/-prabhu-iyer/. His major current projects include a further volume of poetry, his first fictional novella and a planned series of translations of lyrics from Indian film music.

Editor’s Note for further information see Interview with Prabhu Iyer at this site

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