New Kinds of Art Photo Surrealism

A New Kind of Art for me at least. This is a HD photo in case you want to print. It seems to me to be a combination of impressionism and surrealism. The reflection is the real and the real is the reflection.

To see the real image, view upside down but be careful.

david michael jackson June 2, 2012

Thelma, Louise and Crosley the Dog ~ Photo Logistics by Kathie Williams

thelma_louise_crosley the dog
thelma_louise_crosley the dog

The names are in order. Crosley is in the rear. Crosley is a wiggle worm in the form of a dog. He cannot be still for long enough to get this photo. This photo is impossible, therefore it’s art. Since we are the Magazine of Modern Art then we should have a say. There we said it, it’s art!

This ezine has always been a sucker for cats and dogs.

To Ernest, Sylvia and Vincent

To Ernest Sylvia and Vincent


You make me write this poem,

you with art in your hands.

Was it because no one cared Vincent?

Was it because they cared Ernest?

Was it your stated goal Sylvia?

Was it the pain of life,

or the meaningless shuffle to chaos,

the eons that can overcome your work?


Ah it was that fish

that fish that turned to bones.


Your greatest

is no greater than the single flower

blooming and fading.


I must kick your bones.

My worth is  tiny beside your greatness

as your greatness is tiny beside the eons.

I must kick your bones.


Life will kill you soon enough.


When I see the momentary flower

I am carried by it

to bliss.


When I see your flower

I cry.


david michael jackson     June 1, 2012