Kangaroo Song SarahJayne Balash

Kangaroo – SarahJayne Balash (original) from SarahJayne Balash on

From Clarksville, Tennessee – SarahJayne Balash

We think there is talent budding. Maybe we should take the last train to Clarksville or just wait for her in Nashville! Look out SarahJayne writes her own songs and is unabashedly presenting them already. Showmanship starts early.

An artist always represents a moment. This moment is captured so beautifully. It is refreshing to see young talent portray a part of our lives. When it is done too well it is often professional. When it’s done just well enough it is often art.
Thank you Sarahjayne for making our day.

the-Kangaroo Song SarahJayne Balash

Nurse Appreciation Poem

nurse appreciation poem

Age makes destruction of minds–
stubborn machines.
Word salad is served with weather,
hooks to passing signals in the stratosphere.

L., in her 90s, leopard skin top,
no bottoms, one over the knee valentine’s sock,
speaks sunshine and storm in the same breath.
She is looking for Ohio in Texas
not knowing what state she’s in
or room.

T., is stalked by the devil,
paces the hall in fear,
wants to explain but can’t.
A fist forms as his eyes cry out,
“Get me out of here!”

S., shouts obscenities,
demands his dead wife help him,
rises and falls from his wheelchair,
is caught before he is floored by reality
and physical pain.

Nurses hold hands with despair,
serve gentleness with sedation,
talk to the lights within.
Storms blow over, devils disappear.
Mother is waiting in the next room
to tuck them in.
A smile emerges through the clouds.
Compassion is the language
always understood.

Nurse Appreciation Poem copyright 2012 Belinda Subraman

Abstract Flower Painting

Flowerman the Abstract Flower Painting

Flower Man.

He’s Flower man,
the abstract flower painting.
He’s ready
to fight
for beauty is truth

for sunshine

for bees

He’s here to fight for bees

and you better not get in his


he’s Flower man

the abstract flower painting

and he’s had it with the way you are treating his bees

and you better watch out Mister




Flower Man the Abstract Flower Painting by
david michael jackson   june 25 2012  editors@artvilla.com  send jam and jelly

Zirconium poem by Janet Kuypers


Janet Kuypers

from the “ Periodic Table of Poetry” series

So I was at the Gem and Jewelry Show
with my girlfriend, and a man
I thought would ask me to marry him one day,
and my girlfriend stopped at a booth
amongst the rows and rows of vendors
and told me to look at a huge engagement ring.
Well, I didn’t want to look, I didn’t want
to get my hopes up, but seeing the brillance
of the awe-inspiring stones made me ask
for the price of one particular ring.
They told us it was three hundred seventy-five
dollars. And we were confused, this ring
should be at least two grand, but then we saw
that this was a booth of cubic zirconia jewelry.
How disappointing, we thought, we want
the real thing. But looking back, I had to admit
that the Zirconium was unmistakably breath-taking.

I don’t know if Zirconium is as short-lived
as that relationship with the man that went with me
to the Gem and Jewelry Show in Chicago
that I thought would ask me to marry him one day,
but if nothing else, at least some Zirconium
would have been a nice gesture…

Although the element Zirconium’s
most common oxide is zirconium dioxide
(also known as zirconia), used
as a common diamond substitute,
the metallic element Zirconium is a lustrous,
grayish-white, soft, ductile and malleable element.

Different from a diamond, I suppose,
but also different from the cubic zirconia isotope.
I just have to keep remembering
that cubic zirconium is not all Zirconium is used for:
it is used for not only in nuclear applications,
but also in Space and aeronautic industries.
Zirconium is used for cladding nuclear reactor fuels,
and materials from Zirconium metal and its oxide
is even used in space vehicle parts
for their resistance to heat.
A Zirconium isotope has been recently used
in positron emission tomography (PET) cameras…
So ductile or not, maybe Zirconium
is pretty strong, and exactly at times
what I need.

Now You Have Me

The world is an unfair pestilence of greed and corrupt behavior.

Yeah whatever

Life is an endless procession of imperfect days where we get almost nothing done

Yeah you are right, okay

There is no meaning no sun shining on illusion to make it anything.

Yeah that’s kinda deep,I guess, but well

Love is illusion driven by chemicals demanding sex and procreation

Do I have time for this

The sun makes the tiny hairs on the back of her neck glow, she turns

Now you have me



Flowing Water Poem

The hot summer sun
makes cake of my skin
and the sweat lets me know
I’m alive

the water
is better then

it is needed then

and noticed

Can a poem be the water on a hot day

can the water flow down
this page
this poem

this time or the next
until there is no next

no new

of the water in a poem until it lies there in a pool on the page, on this page



david michael jackson june 23, 2012 editors@artvilla.com send help