Fifties Feature | Poem by Linda Straub

fifties feature poem

“50’s Feature”

by Linda Straub

Mother wore an off the shoulder dress

that swirled ’round her slender waist

and kissed a starched crinoline.

Father’s hair was ebony black,

a series of soft waves rolling down

his scalp, breaking on a rocky spine.

I sat in the back of their ’57 Chevrolet

eating popcorn and watching

James Dean on the Drive-in screen.

A squadron of speakers hung

from car windows where crackling

voices of movie stars faded in and out.

Sleep snuck up from behind

and stretched my weary body

across the wide back seat,

where my last sight

on that Summer’s night

was my Father’s wavy hair

dressing my mother’s bare shoulders.

Appearance | Poem by Linda Straub

Appearance Poem
Absta1 by David Michael Jackson



               by Linda Straub
I lost you again
last evening
in a fog of dreams,
your fingers
wrapped around mine
in a lover’s knot,
that came undone,
as you faded away,
your breath
still warm
against my neck,
your mouth
wet upon my lips.
I whispered
your name,
entreating you
to look back
and see me
standing there,
tears flowing
down upon my cheeks;
but your entrance
had made no footprints and
neither did your exit.
There was never
a you, or me,
in this
imaginary vision,
just a cluster
of brain waves
in the dead of night.

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Flooded Basement Poem


I crawl on hands and knees,

Looking under furniture,

Turning up corners

Of yesterday’s carpet.

Walls rush in

and doors slam shut,

encapsulating me

With what I cannot find,

A little peace, one drop of joy,

The recollection of relevance.





Once again the bent back,

Hands guiding a rubber suction hose

Over a flooded basement floor

Six times in one week,

And threats of further storms to come.

Bucket after bucket of muddy water

Hoisted up to the great outdoors,

Where blue skies have turned grey

And green grass is flecked with mud.

Bail, bail both night and day.

Oh,but to abandon “house”,

And let the water have its way.

Poems by Linda Straub

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