Addiction | Poem by Kudzai Mahwite

Addiction Poem


Oh damn the urge,
That fucking deadly surge,
Body’s ineluctable self-purge.

Every cell within me craves,
I’m one of its petty slaves.

I want to doubt; I want to reject.
Yet my mind lacketh the clout,
I am but a subject.

Oh the fleeting ecstasy,
The indescribable bliss.

Does ever shorten life’s lease.

We all feign attempts to absolve,
In truth we really lack the resolve.
Just momentarily veiled: never solved.
The desire is just too strong

Kudzai Mahwite is a young Zimbabwean poet inspired greatly by the works and life of William Shakespeare. He is an Economics student and as part of his studies runs a small-time blog on the African Economy. Kudzai is also a Sportswriter with can follow him on Twitter @sir_tos.