The Body Politik. A Poem by Ron Olsen

The truth too painful to bear
Honesty becomes the fault
For those who would control
A basis in deceit
Down the Devil’s hole
Where the light of truth
Never shines
Come unto me
You who suffer
And I will comfort you
With words so sweet
So euphoric
An eternal promise
Where fear never dies
A choice
Between fear and hope
Fear the stronger arm
Wins the contest
The evil of lies
Overtaking good
The truth too painful to bear
Only love
Reaching out
Challenging the call
For the annihilation
Of belief
In something better
The beginning the end
The end the beginning
The struggle
To control and contain
The truth
That love enters in
Where fear is cast out

Ron Olsen is a Peabody and Emmy award winning journalist based in Southern California. He is recently retired from the Tribune Company, where he was stationed at the Los Angeles Times, working with the newspaper’s writers and editors to adapt newspaper stories for KTLA-TV. He is the author of more than one-thousand essays and an occasional poem. His essays have been published by several local papers in the Los Angeles area. He began writing poetry just recently. He says he loves the craft of saying more with fewer words, with each word playing a significant role in the piece. “I am sometimes struck by my poetry”
he says.”I’ll look at what I’ve written and wonder where it came from-some wellspring that’s beyond my understanding. What a strange and wonderful process.”

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