Eulogy for Harley. Poem. Sara L Russell

 Harley Pic

Do you hear unspoken thought,

  Do you fly now, with the birds,

As the rest of us stay caught between our futile deeds and words?

  In the endless dome of sky

  Make a territory of dreams

While we can only cry for how finite a lifetime seems

Are you floating down the styx

  Like Egyptian cats of old?

Do you dine with Tut and Ramesis in palaces of gold?

  In the finite span of life

  And the cycles of the moon

We can only make short plans for anything that ends too soon

A final resting place

  Is no prison for a soul

We are elemental as the air that keeps our planet whole

  In your light and playful way

 You will always follow me

Outside in the garden where the angels set you free.

I think we got Harley in 2001 (but I need to verify that with my husband Tom.) It was Guy Fawkes Night when we picked him up from the cat rescue place in Crawley. He was two I think, as I think his age would have been fifteen around November this year. I wanted a black and white “dinner jacket” cat and he fitted the bill perfectly.
His previous owner called him Bob. I thought that was a daft name for a cat, so called him Harley, partly because, being black and white, he had a harlequin look. Also because I am a rock/metal fan and the name Harley is associated with the Harley Davidson motorcycle.
He died on Friday 13th September 2013, humanely put to sleep at the vets, due to discomfort breathing, with an enlarged heart and water retention problems.
I think these video links will make people laugh and help them build a picture in their minds of Harley’s eccentric personality. Sara Russell.
I trained Harley to miaow in the right place to sing along with Figaro (YouTube link: (Preview)      )
Harley also appears in this video of two cats arguing in our garden: (Preview)
He also stars in this video of where he has a fight with a rabbit glove puppet: (Preview)

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Sara Louise Russell , whose internet name is “PinkyAndrexa”, is a UK poet who has earned a well-deserved reputation as a highly respected twenty-first century poetry publisher and poet. She was the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Poetry Life & Times, one of the world’s premier poetry E-zines, which ran monthly from 1998-2006 under her tutelage. She has always been in on the scene with graphic design, animation, 3D art, web design, sign writing, photography, film and poetry recital videos. Sara is founder and current editor of Paper Li.  Poetry Lifetimes and the online  Ning network The Video Poets. Her poetry has been published in Artvilla, AuthorsDen, Hello Poetry, The New Pleiades Anthology of Poetry (Describe Adonis Press, Ottawa, © 2005), Sonnetto Poesia, Word Machinist and more, as well as in several e-books by Kedco Studios Inc. (USA). Her skills as a sonneteer are particularly remarkable.

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