Silent Obscurity. A Poem by Adam Levon Brown


I feel like I’m fading; into silent obscurity.
Shadows play tricks on the wall.
I look up to the sky
for answers to my life.
Am I even here anymore?
Or have I faded to beyond the reaches
of a human hand’s grasp?
All memory escapes me –
As I look to collect myself
on the canvass that is my life
I must be painted somewhere in the grand scheme,
I am thinking to myself.
Why can’t I find myself?
I seem to be faded away;
like a dried leaf that blows in the autumn winds.
I will work with what is left of me
and try to love you
the way I’ve loved in the past;
Just know that I’m not the same person I once was.
Passion has left me
and I seem to be fading into-
Silent Obscurity.


Adam Levon Brown is a poet and author residing in Eugene, Oregon. He has one published poetry book out, Musings of a Madman, which is a collection of poems made to enlighten and inspire the reader. Adam attributes his love of poetry to the many great poets he discovered in the school library during his formative years. He enjoys listening to political hip hop music and is a political activist himself.
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