Sherry moments. A Poem by Daginne Aignend


He used to wait for me
when I got home from work
‘A glass of sherry, my dear’
We sat down
as I listened to his stories
The same story
he already told me yesterday
He played Rummy with
his girlfriend, the old bag
A puckish smile
accompanied his words
The old bag was sixty-five,
he already reached
the honorable age of eighty-two
For me, sipping my sherry,
it was the time of day to relax
He wasn’t always an
amiable man
When he was younger
he frightened me with
his abrupt violent bad temper
Aging took the edges off
his tantrums
Nowadays, I have decided
to remember my granddad
by these languid sherry moments

Daginne Aignend is a pseudonym for the Dutch poetess Inge Wesdijk.
She likes hard rock music, photography and fantasy books. She is a vegetarian and spends a lot of time with her animals.
Daginne started to write English poetry five years ago and posted some of her poems on her Facebook page and on her fun project website
She has been published in some online Poetry Review Magazines with a pending publication at the Contemporary Poet’s Group anthology ‘Dandelion in a Vase of Roses’.


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